Video Games Day 2023: Gaming Odyssey

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Video Games Day

The 12th of September is observed as Video Games Day. On this day, gamers and online streamers come together and celebrate their love and passion for online games. At some point of time in our lives, we all have played video games on gaming consoles like PlayStations, Xbox, smartphones and desktops. The day offers an opportunity for youngsters to play their favourite video games in fields like sports, adventure, action, mystery, etc. 

In recent years, video games have become part of people’s cultures and lifestyles as more and more people indulge in online gaming. Since its inception from arcade games to today’s virtual reality games, video games have come a long way and have also created a career platform for a lot of esports players in the world. 

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About Video Games Day

Whether you are a passionate gamer or someone who barely plays video games, this day offers an opportunity for everyone to get involved in playing video games, even if it is for a very small amount of time. Although this day is an unofficial holiday, it has gained popularity in recent years and a lot of people have pursued video games as a career platform, called Esports. 

You don’t need to be a professional gamer to celebrate this day, as everybody can make their day fun and enjoyable by indulging in their type of video games. This day is a chance to appreciate the artistry, storytelling and immersive experiences offered by video games.

There are several gaming communities and organizations that allow people of similar gaming interests to connect with each other and share a sense of belonging. This day not only encourages people to play games but also serves as a reminder to strike a balance between playing video games and other aspects of life. Parents are often in the dilemma of whether online games are good or bad for their children. They must know that playing games responsibly and setting limits are crucial to enjoying other benefits and minimising possible drawbacks.

Benefits of Playing Video Games

When played in moderation, Video games can offer several benefits to individuals, ranging from critical thinking to social development. When a person plays video games, their ability to think and solve problems is tested, as video games often require you to solve puzzles or think strategically. Here are some of the benefits of playing video games:

  • When playing video games, there are moments when you need to use your cognitive skills, resulting in the enhancement of creativity and improved spatial awareness
  • Some of the action and fast-paced games can improve your hand-eye coordination
  • You can improve your ability to multitask as games often require you to perform more than one task at the same time
  • Video games are one of the best ways to unwind and reduce stress. If you engage in immersive games, they will take your mind off your everyday struggle
  • Playing video games in multiplayer mode allows you to make new friends and enhance your social connections, especially if you are an introvert
  • For those who are into storytelling, story-driven games can enhance their appreciation of storytelling, character development and narrative structure
  • Almost every video game has a certain goal or objective, which teaches its players to become serious about their life goals and work hard to achieve them

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Q1. Why do we celebrate Video Games Day?

A. The day is annually observed on 12th September to encourage youngsters to play video games. On this day, gamers all across the world organise gaming competitions and events with their friends and random players on the internet and show their love of esports platforms.

Q3. What are the most popular video games?

A. Some of the most popular games in 2023 are BattleGrounds Mobile India (BGMI), Call of Duty (COD), Asphalt 9, Minecraft, GTA V, and Fortnite.

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