Happy Holi 2024: 7 Holi Poems in English for Class 1, 2, and 3

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Holi Poems in English for Class 1, 2, and 3

Holi is one such festival which is awaited by people of all ages, especially young children. It gives them a perfect opportunity to spend time with their friends and family, play with gulal, water balloons, and pichkaris, and eat sweets. As the day is approaching, so are schools gearing up to organize Holi poem competitions and Holi activities for kindergarten and other classes. This helps students build confidence, develop public speaking skills, and above all, boost their cultural appreciation. In this blog, you will find Holi poems in English for classes 1, 2, and 3. 

Holi Short Poem in English

On Holi, we wear clothes with colors so bright

It is a truly beautiful sight

Gulal flies everywhere like butterflies

Friends have fun under clear skies.

We use pichkaris and water balloons

And wish Holi to come soon

Pink and green, a beautiful scene,  

Laughter echoes in every stream.

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Holi Poems in English for Class 1

Poem 1 

Colors blow on every Holi’s tune

We celebrate under the golden moon

Gulal flies like butterflies

Fun with friends, no goodbyes.

Water balloons go up in the air,

We hear laughter and giggles everywhere

My mother makes a delicious treat

That makes us move our dancing feet. 

Poem 2

On Holi, the colors in the sky go so high,

Holi is so fun, oh, my, oh, my!

Pink, blue, red, and green,

It is a rainbow festival, a multicolored scene.

Love and friendships are so true,

Pichkaris spraying water like dew.

Colors and sweets in the airy breeze,

Holi festivities, are a pure moment to seize.

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Holi Poems in English for Class 2

Poem 1

A world of dull colors, Holi comes and sings,

It is a festival of joy with vibrant blings.

Gulal moves in colors so freely,

My dear class, come celebrate with me!

Water balloons are up in the air,

Laughter throws love everywhere.

Pink and blue, a colorful hue,

Holi is magic, come let loose.

Sweets to eat, it is a sugary delight,

The sky is so clear, looks, so bright.

Holi’s colors, like the sun’s beams 

Come my friends, welcome to the festival dreams. 

Poem 2

With holi cames a colorful haze,

A bright smile on every face.

Pichkari does its watery dance,

Makes us really want to take the chance.

Pink, purple, and orange hues,

It is a rainbow festival, only for you.

Class 2, let’s sing and play,

Holi joy, yay yay yay!

Gulal and water balloons whisper in the breeze,

They tickle us with gentle ease.

Sugary treats, they are so sweet,

Come my friends, let’s groove to the Holi beat.

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Holi Poems in English for Class 3

Poem 1 

In the everyday world of red and blue,

Holi spreads colors, so bright and true.

Gulal dances, with the balloons it flies,

Makes us laugh under the blue skies.

Water balloons and pichkaris, it is a splashy game,

Our excitement is always the same.

Pink or red, it is always a rainbow hue,

Spring comes with some dew.

Gujiya and candies, oh so sweet,

Holi joy is a treat. 

Class 3, let joy unfold,

Happy Holi with colors so bold.

Poem 2

Holi, a festival so grand,

Beautiful colors spread across the land.

Friends whisper, a melody so strong,

In our hearts, we all sing along.

Water balloons, gulal, and pichkaris,

Holi is fun for you, me, and everybody.

It is a colorful joy to share,

Dancing together in the Holi air.

Lots of sweets, it is a tasty sight,

Holi happiness, pure and bright.

All my friends, far and near,

Happy Holi, together we cheer.

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What is a famous Holi quote?

A famous Holi quote is, “Let the vibrant hues of Holi fill your heart, mind, and soul with peace, happiness, and blessings.

What is the best short caption for Holi?

If you want to take your Holi celebrations to the next level, how about posting on your social media handles? You can also use captions such as May this Holi bring colorful joy in your life and the sweetness of good friendships. Another good option would be, “Let the colors of Holi fill your life with new excitement, happiness, and prosperity”. 

How to write a poem on Holi?

There are different ways to write a poem on Holi. You can use common symbols to make your poems relatable and unique such as colors of joy, holi hues, delightful treats, pichkaris and balloons, and so on. 

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