World Turtle Day 2023

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World Turtle Day is celebrated every year on May 23rd. The day is recognized to raise awareness about protecting the habitat of turtles and turtles in general. More than 300 species of turtles exist on the planet. Several of them are endangered due to pollution, habitat loss, and hunting. Turtles are important because they help in the balance of aquatic and terrestrial environments. The World Turtle Day helps to raise awareness about the importance of protecting the turtles. Moreover, the day is also about encouraging people to stop using turtle products and reduce pollution.

World Turtle Day History

The American Tortoise Rescue (ATR) is an organization founded by Susan Tellem and Marshall Thompson. ATR was established in 1990 and was the only sanctuary in the US for turtles and tortoises. The founders of the ATR were also involved in rescuing turtles after adopting 2 captive bred desert tortoise hatchlings. Thus, ATR came to be known around the world. 

This day was established by ATR itself in 2000. The goal was to generate awareness among the people regarding the protection of these ancient creatures. Since then, it has become an important day for conservationists and animal lovers.

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The timeline of this day is as follows :

Date Event
1547 Aesop’s fable ‘The Tortoise and the Hare’ was published for the 1st time
1990 ATR was established by Susan Tellem and Marshall Thompson
2002 The 1st World Turtle Day was celebrated by ATR
2011 The Save the Sea Turtle stamp was printed by USPS.
The earnings from the stamp was donated for the conservation of the species 

World Turtle Day Dates 

World Turtle Day will be celebrated on May 23rd, 2023. The day was established by ATR, the animal rescue organization for the adoption, rehabilitation, and protection of tortoise and turtle species around the world. Susan Tellem has the trademark for this day. 

World Turtle Day Dates 
2023 23 May Tuesday
2024 23 May Thursday
2025 23 May Friday
2026 23 May Saturday

Why Celebrate World Turtle Day?

Here are some of the reasons you should celebrate this day:

  • World Turtle Day is a reminder that all of us need to be respectful towards the ecological balance and be sensitive towards animals. Hence, it is a day to be socially responsible.
  • The day promises a better future where turtles and human beings can peacefully coexist. 
  • World Turtle Day is a special day for animal lovers and conservationists. It is an amazing day to raise awareness, volunteer, and donate to the cause.

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How to Celebrate World Turtle Day 2023?

Here are some of the steps you can take to celebrate this day.

  • To celebrate World Turtle Day students can adopt a turtle from the rescue shelter. Turtles can be great pets for children as they need attention but are hassle-free.
  • Another way to celebrate the day is to donate to turtle conservation centres. 
  • Students can also sign up at a turtle centre and offer to work as a volunteer. In this way, students can assist in tending to the sick turtles, and feed them.

5 Interesting Facts About Turtles  

Here are some interesting facts about turtles that will blow your mind.

  • Turtles and Tortoises are the most illegally traded animals. Turtles are in demand for their meat, shell, and skin. As a result, they have started coming under the endangered animals.
  • More than 300 species of turtles exist around the world. However, 129 of these species have become endangered.
World Turtle Day
Learn interesting turtle facts on this world turtle day 2023
  • Turtles have a slow metabolism and have cold blood. The slow metabolism is the reason turtles are slow and have a long lifespan,
  • Turtles are one of the oldest creatures in the world. The origin of the 1st turtle has been traced back to 200 million years ago.


1. What is the theme for sea turtle day 2023?

The theme of sea turtle day 2023 is to clean the beaches.

2. What happens on World Turtle Day?

The World Turtle Day recognised the noble reptiles and their place on Earth. Moreover, people are encouraged to protect all the species of turtles.

3. Is the turtle lucky or not?

In many cultures, turtles are considered to be a symbol of luck. It is believed to bring good health, longevity, and good luck.

World Turtle Day will be celebrated on 23rd May 2023. The day recognised the importance of turtles and gives an opportunity for people to generate awareness about the same. The origin of the celebration can be traced back to the establishment of ATR by Susan Tellem and Marshall Thompson. People can celebrate this day by donating to the turtle rescue centers, or by adopting a turtle. To discover more articles like this one visit the study abroad experts at Leverage Edu.

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