How to Draw Santa Claus: Easy Guide for Kids

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Santa clause drawing for Kids

Christmas celebration is around the corner and the entire world is waiting to celebrate Christmas. Talking about Christmas, kids are extremely enthusiastic about celebrating Christmas as it is all about having fun, decorating the Christmas tree, eating cookies and cakes, family get-togethers, and much more. Christmas is also known for Santa Claus and sharing gifts. Santa Claus is the legendary figure who secretly gives surprises at Christmas for the children. He rides on his sleigh driven by him as he travels all around the world to distribute gifts. Here in this blog, we have compiled some amazing Santa Claus Drawing for Kids!

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Easy Santa Claus Drawing

Source: Holy Drawing Academy

Christmas is celebrated on 25 December every year and one of the main traditions followed on Christmas is the exchange of gifts. It all started with a belief that Santa Claus secretly visits our place and surprises us with gifts. 

Kids also exchange greeting cards and wish each other a Merry Christmas. You can draw Santa Claus on the cards. Here are some easy ideas to draw Santa Claus for kids:

Source: Crafts A2Z

You need to take a white sheet of paper, stationary items i.e. pencil and eraser, and some vibrant colours especially red, white, and black. Firstly, draw the outline of the Santa Claus and then fill in the colours to make it vibrant and attractive. 

Santa Claus Drawing for Kids
Source: Art Projects for Kids

How to Draw Santa Claus for Kids?

There are many ways to draw a Santa Claus, you can either draw just the face or you can draw the complete figure of Santa. One of the best ideas is to draw a Santa Claus on his sleigh with gifts along with a Christmas tree. Through this way, you can welcome the winter season celebrating Christmas by drawing Santa Claus and decorating the Xmas tree with decorative items like bells, lights, snow garlands, stars, candy sticks, and much more.

You can take help from the given video to learn how to draw Santa Claus for Kids:

Source: Art for Kids Hub

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Guide to Draw Santa Claus Face for Kids

Santa Claus’s face is the cutest figure that you can draw on Christmas greetings. It will make the recipient happy as it reflects positivity. 

Here is a guide for kids to draw the face of Santa Claus:

  1. The first step is to take a pencil and draw a round figure that could become the face of Santa Claus.
Santa Face Drawing
Source: Nohat

2. Then, draw the cap of Santa Claus with a pomp-pomp at the end.

Source: HelloArtsy

3. After drawing the cap, draw the features of the face like eyes, nose, eyebrows, moustache, and the most famous big beard of Santa Claus.

Guide to Draw Santa Claus Face
Source: Freepik

4. Now, the sketch of your Santa is ready, you just need to add colours. Colour the cap red, and fill white colour in the beard, eyebrows, and moustache. Eyes should be black-brown.

Source: Freepik

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