14 Features of Pitbull Dog that You Should Know

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Amazing Features of Pitbull Dog

When it comes to finding the right dog to protect your family and young ones, it might be difficult to find a better option than a Pit Bull. These medium to large-sized dogs are known for their ferocious behavior and can significantly injure intruders attempting to enter their territory. Moreover, they are considered in the list of dangerous dog breeds due to which they are also illegal as house pets in numerous countries. But if you think you can handle their impressive strength, here are some amazing features of pitbull dogs that can help you decide whether it is a good decision or not. 

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About American Pitbull Dog Features

Let’s take a look at some of the most commonly known features of pitbull dogs:

1. Pit bulls are renowned for their muscular build and mighty jaws.

2. They come across as a confident, bulky, and stocky dog breed. 

3. Generally, pit bulls have a broad square head, strong and well-defined chest, and wide nostrils. 

4. Their smooth coats come in different colors such as black, white, fawn, red, and brown.

Source: Animal Corner

5. The ears of an American Pitbull are generally small to medium size and located back and high on the head. 

6. These dogs tend to have green, blue, brown, and hazel eyes.

7. Their nose is generally flat and equipped with wide nostrils. 

8. The general height of a male pit bull is between 18 – 21 inches whereas a female can be anywhere between 17 – 20 inches. 

9. The weight of a male pit bull revolves around 35 – 60 pounds whereas a female is generally about 30 – 50 pounds. 

10. Pit bulls have a strong desire to please and protect their family at all costs. Although they are of friendly nature, pit bulls can be extremely aggressive if required. 

11. Pit bulls are low shedders and require less grooming than other breeds such as Poodle and Shih Tzu.

12. Due to their high-energy and muscular build, pit bulls need a protein-rich diet including Omega-3 and Omega-6 to keep their coats shiny. 

Source: Spark Paws

13. Pit bulls need at least 1-2 hours of intense exercise daily to keep their bodies happy and healthy. 

14. The average life expectancy of pit bulls is 12 – 14 years during which they can be prone to certain health issues such as hip dysplasia, thyroid, blindness, and skin infections. 

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features of pitbull dog

Pit Bull Breeds

When we imagine a pit bull in our minds, all we can think about is a medium-to-large size and short-haired muscular dog. However, you might be surprised to learn that there are different types of pit bull breeds with varying characteristics, each known for its unique ability. 

Breed Height Weight Characteristics 
American Bully 13 – 20 inches65 – 85 poundsStrong, heavy bone structure, smooth coat, compact, muscular  
American Staffordshire Terrier17 – 19 inches50 – 80 poundsShort coat, white markings on coat, black, brown, fawn, and blue colors
American Bulldog20 – 28 inches60 – 120 poundsMuscular build, strong-looking, large physique 
American Pit Bull Terrier17 – 20 inches30 – 65 poundsShort coat, muscular, tan, black, fawn, blue, and red, colors
Staffordshire Bull Terrier14 to 16 inches24 – 38 poundsShort and broad head, tight-fitting coat, muscular, multiple coat colors
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What makes a pitbull special?

Pit bull is a very social and loveable dog breed. They love meeting new people, protecting their families from intruders, and engaging in physical activity. If trained properly, they can also learn when to become aggressive and playful according to the situation.

What is the weakness of Pitbull?

During the life expectancy of 12 – 14 years, pit bulls are prone to ligament tears, knee problems, blindness, thyroid, and numerous other health issues. This is because they are full of energy and enjoy running around all the time. 

Are pit bulls safe?

Contrary to popular belief, pit bulls aren’t aggressive. However, they can be less tolerant or impatient than other dog breeds. If not trained properly, their strong build and muscular strength can be a risk for families with young children. 

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