Global Day of Parents: Theme, Importance, Celebration

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This is a global day for the celebration of parents. The United Nations brought its focus on the aspect of the family back in the 1980s, and rooting from therein emerged the Global Day of Parents, which is celebrated on June 1 every year. The main purpose of this day is to acknowledge the role of parents in their children’s lives and their contribution to helping them succeed. It is a day that is solely for honouring parents all around the world. Learn more about this day in this blog. 

Day Global Day of Parents 
Celebrated on June 1 
Declared by United Nations (UN)
Purpose Honouring Parents and Their Contribution to Their Children’s Lives 

History of Global Day of Parents 

It was during the 1980s when the United Nations brought their attention to the aspects and issues surrounding the family. A request was made to enhance the awareness of the problems and needs of the family and how to effectively meet those needs. This was seen in the resolution on the role of the family in the development process of the Commission for Social Development on the recommendations of the Economic and Social Council, in 1983. 

Then, later in 1989, the International Year of the Family was proclaimed to be the year of 1994. And then again in 1993, the General Assembly named May 15 to be celebrated as the ‘International Day of Families’, every year.

After almost two decades, in 2012, the General Assembly then decided June 1 to be celebrated as Global Day of Parents to share respect and appreciation for parents all around the world. 

What is the Theme of Global Day of Parents 2023?

Many official events all over the world such as Global Day of Parents, and World No Tobacco Day 2023, have themes defining the topics of discussion during the day of celebration. Previously, the theme of “Appreciate all parents throughout the world” defined Global Day of Parents. Therein, a focus on the sacrifices of parents for their children, along with their struggles, was drawn on the day of the event. Though the themes are generally decided around the appreciation of parenthood, the theme has not yet been officially announced. Regardless, one thing is for sure. The day calls for the celebration of parents globally. 

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Importance of Global Day of Parents 

With all this talk about the event, one wonders what exactly is the importance of declaring a whole celebration against it. 

  1. For one, your parents deserve it. 
  2. The day is important for the appreciation of the spirit of parents all around the world. 
  3. The day also acts as a reminder for respecting and loving your parents. 
  4. Moreover, parents feel a sense of hope and encouragement to better themselves with the celebration of Glbal Day of Parents. 
  5. The day informs people about the importance of parenting and the measures they educate themselves on the same. 
  6. The day also brings forth the importance of a healthy family environment and for the children to grow up in a nurturing environment. 

Celebration of This Day

So, how can this day be celebrated? Check out the ways mentioned below. 

  1. Events related to parenting are held and organised at a local and international level. 
  2. Moreover, many communities and groups come together to hold celebrations on the day. 
  3. People also celebrate their parents by spending time with them and organising fun times together. 
  4. Children can plan picnics, movies, dinners, and many other activities with their parents on this day. 
  5. Parents can also celebrate this day by spending more time with their children and getting to know about parenting and creating a healthy environment. 

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The More You Know 

Now, we shift to the section where we share some facts about parents and parent relationships! 

Global Day of Parents


What family day is June 1?

Global Day of Parents is celebrated on June 1.

What was the Global Day of Parents theme?

Global Day of Parents 2022 theme was to “Appreciate all parents throughout the world”.

Who started Global Day of Parents? 

Global Day of Parents is a United Nations observance. 

That was all about Global Day of Parents, celebrated on June 1. For more informative blogs, you can Discover our Leverage Edu blogs!

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