National Dentist’s Day- Date, History, and Significance 

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National Dentist’s Day

National Dentist’s Day is celebrated in USA every year on March 6 to appreciate dentists around the country and their countless efforts. This day appreciates dentists who tirelessly improve people’s oral health and provide us with the best treatment for any disease or infection. Owing to the unhealthy lifestyle of consuming excessive sugars and fats, looking after ourselves has become a priority, whether it is physical health, mental health, or oral health. Oral health requires the utmost care as many diseases and infections are spread mainly through our mouths. Thus, taking care of our oral health and hygiene is important, and including oral care in our lifestyle is a necessity.

Name of the dayNational Dentist’s Day
Observed on March 6
Reason To express gratitude towards dentists and their efforts across the country.

History of National Dentist Day

  • The origins of the first National Dentist Day run parallel to the early phase of the 20th century when the profession of dentistry was just beginning.
  • Following the establishment of the first dental school in the United States in 1900, more such dentist-focused schools and universities were established, leading to a sudden growth in the field of dentistry.
  • Finally, the American Dental Association (ADA) established 6th March as the official National Dentist Day to appreciate the hardwork and dedication of dental professionals around the world. 
  • Since then, the day is celebrated every year on March 6 in the USA with great enthusiasm.

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Theme of National Dentist Day

There is no theme for National Dentist Day. However, the day is specifically dedicated to recognizing and appreciating dentists around the world. 

Source: Dentainement, Youtube

Why We Celebrate National Dentist’s Day?

We celebrate National Dentist’s Day as a token of appreciation for our dentists who have taken care of our oral health and our smiles:

Here are a few key reasons why we celebrate National Dentist Day:

  • Recognition of appreciation: National Dentist’s Day offers the citizens of the USA to acknowledge and appreciate the role of dentists in maintaining our oral health. 
  • Celebration of achievements: Additionally, the day also provides us with the chance to celebrate the achievements and advancements of dental professionals. 
  • Oral health awareness and Education: The day also highlights the importance of maintaining oral health and hygiene in daily routines and regular dental check-ups

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How to Celebrate?

The following are the ways in which you can celebrate this day:

  • Send a Thank You note: Every effort needs to be valued. And dentists certainly do a lot to maintain our oral health and hygiene. Moreover, they cure our teeth of cavities and other dental diseases. Sending a thank you note along with flowers would really make their day good. 
  • Gifting decor items- You can gist your dentist a dental mug or a framed poster of healthy teeth or quotes about oral health would definitely provide good aesthetics to their clinic and would encourage other people as well to take better care of their health.
  • Sending fruit baskets- This is a really great idea, sending a fruit basket would definitely mean a lot to your dentist as it would show your care and appreciation towards them. They are the best substitutes for chocolates which your dentist will highly appreciate.
  • Day-off coupons– Dentistry is a hectic profession that hardly gives any breaks to doctors. Gifting them day-off coupons at a spa or massage parlour would help them relax and reduce their stress levels. It would definitely provide them with the much-needed break they deserve. 
Source: BURTS Oral Care

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Facts About Dentistry 

The following are some fun facts about dentistry:

  • In 2015, dentistry ranked at the first position in the top jobs/professions
  • Your teeth are as unique as your fingertips
  • Lucy Beaman Hobbs was the first licensed female dentist in 1866
  • The tooth of Sir Isaac Newton was highly valued. It was sold in 1816 in London for $3,633 (INR 3L) or in today’s value $35,700 (INR 29.47L). The tooth was set in a ring
  • Dentists advise keeping your toothbrush 6 feet away from the toilet to prevent it from airborne particles

Tips on Dental Health 

The followings are the tips to be followed for better dental health:

  • Brush your teeth twice a day
  • Floss your tooth gaps daily
  • Visit your dentists regularly for health routine check-ups 
  • Eat a properly balanced diet and limit the amount of sugar in your meal
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When is National Dentist’s Day celebrated?

National Dentist’s Day is celebrated every year on March 6 to appreciate dentists’ efforts to improve people’s oral health and provide the best treatment for any disease or infection. 

How can we celebrate this day?

The following are the ways in which you can celebrate this day:
Sending a thank you note
Gifting them decor items.
Sending them a basket of fruits 
Day-off Coupons

What is the significance of National Dentist’s Day?

1. Dentists play a huge role in our lives as they perform the following functions:
2. They prevent, diagnose and provide the required treatment for any disease or infection
3. Modern-day dentists play a major role in providing the best services for improving teeth alignment and dental structure
4. Aesthetic dentistry is becoming popular among people who have colourful braces, implants, veneer and bleaching 

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