Most Popular Dussehra Mela 2023 Activities

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Dussehra Mela 2023

Dussehra Mela 2023: From Saraswati Puja to making sweets, Dussehra Mela comprises several traditional and fun activities. This auspicious Hindu Festival is celebrated as per the Lunar Hindu calendar. This year Dussehra celebrations will be on 24 October 2023. Dussehra is celebrated to mark the victory of Lord Rama over the evil demon Ravan. People in India celebrate his victory as a symbol of the triumph of good and the loss of evil. Dussehra Mela 2023 is organized to burn the effigies of Ravan in the public gathering. The Dussehra Mela is a carnival which has a lot of activities for the public. Continue Reading to know more about Dussehra, and how it is celebrated across India!

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Activities in Dussehra Mela 2023

Dussehra is a festival full of fun and joy. Apart from its traditional significance, Dussehra Mela is also celebrated across India with utmost zeal and enthusiasm. Various activities are organized at public fairs for the purpose of entertainment. All such activities are conducted together with the burning of effigies of Ravan.

Cultural Activities

The Dussehra Mela is conducted for a week or more. It starts with Ganesh Vandana and various activities are organized at the fair for the entertainment of kids, and families. This includes traditional music, dance, and skit performances. The Kota Mela is the most famous Dussehra fare organized in India. It is famous for the huge Ravan effigy 75 feet in height burned to mark the victory of Lord Rama. Performers at the mela performed dancing, singing, skits, etc.

Dussehra Mela
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Ramlila Performance

A traditional Ramlila performance is conducted in Dussehra mela to spread the story of Lord Rama and to celebrate his victory. Ramlila showcases how Lord Rama had to live in a Forest in exile for 14 years. The struggles he faced to find her beloved wife Sita and how he conquered Lanka and killed the evil demon Ravan to get back his wife Sita. His story reveals that we should always stick to our truthfulness and never deviate from the path of optimism. This will ultimately make us win the war because good always wins over evil.

Source: UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage

Rides for the Children

Many Dussehra Melas feature amusement rides such as Ferris wheels, carousels, roller coasters, and various other carnival-style attractions. Rides offer an adventurous and thrilling experience to people of all ages. The lighting in the entire fair area enhances and glows up the overall ambience of the Dussehra Mela.

Rides in Dussehra Mela
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Rangoli Making

This traditional art form in India where colourful patterns are created on the floor, usually at the entrance of homes or temples, to welcome guests and deities. Here is all the material required to make rangoli:

  1. Coloured rangoli powder or dry rice flour
  2. Colored chalks
  3. Rangoli stencils
  4. Diyas or small candles
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Dussehra pooja starts by invoking Lord Ganesh, the remover of obstacles. Offer prayers and perform a simple puja to Lord Ganesh. Other devotees invoke the blessings of the divine by chanting mantras or shlokas dedicated to Goddess Durga or Lord Rama.

Source – Festivals of India


Many stalls are present in the Dussehra Mela for people to purchase products. Food stalls are also installed in meals to cater for the huge masses. Apart from food stalls people also organize fun game stalls for kids. The stalls represent the spirit of celebration and commerce. Some common stalls you may witness at the Dussehra mela are food stalls, toy stalls, handicraft stalls, home decor stalls, herbal and ayurvedic stalls, mehendi stalls, pooja item stalls, etc.

Stalls in Dussehra Mela
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Burning Ravan Effigy

Huge Ravan Effigies are burned in an open space. This activity signifies that good will always win over bad. So, we must kill all the bad things and adopt the good. Burning effigies are the most spectacular sight to witness at Dussehra Mela.

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Where is the Dussehra Mela in 2023?

Dussehra Mela is one of the important highlights of the Dussehra Festival. The Dussehra Mela 2023 will be held in many places including New Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, and Telangana.

What is the real date of Dussehra in 2023?

The real date of Dussehra is 24 October 2023. Dussehra also known as Viayadashami is the festival that commemorates the victory of Lord Rama over Ravan.

Where is Dussehra celebrated in Delhi?

Here is the list of places in Delhi where you can enjoy Dussehra Mela:
1. Subhash Maidan
2. Ramlila Maidan
3. Lal Qila Maidan
4. DDA ground, NSP, Pitampura
5. Dwarka Ground Sector 10
6. Shri Dharmik Leela Committee, Red Fort Lawns
7. Ramlila Maidan Keshav Puram
8. Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium

What is Kota Dussehra Mela famous for?

Kota Dussehra Mela is famous for the huge Ravan Dahan. More than 75 feet tall effigies of Ravan, Kumbhkarana, and Meghnad are burned at the Kota Dussehra Mela.

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