National Techies Day 2023

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national techies day

India celebrates National Techies Day on 3 October, along with offering opportunities for young people to enter the tech industry. We all are living in a technological era where everything happens digitally. The days of writing in books or manually have passed. We have not even passed the century mark and have already gone from heavy computers to sleek laptops, 3D printers and much more. So, to commemorate bringing attention to the fastest-growing technology industry, Techies Day is celebrated. In this blog, you will read about National Techies Day and how this day came into being. 

History of National Techies Day

The National Techies Day was initiated by CNT Networks (Computer Networking Technology) in 1999.  For all those who don’t know, the former company specialises in storage networking solutions. The latter used to be a job-providing website responsible for connecting aspiring candidates with the right job postings in the technological industry. 

The main aim behind this was to raise awareness about the various technological careers youngsters could choose from. The industry has tremendously grown in the past 100 years. 

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Importance of National Techies Day

In today’s time, it is very difficult to imagine even a day without technology. No matter what we do it is all connected with technology in some way or another. Hence, this is why we should honour all the techies out there and the dedication they put into their work.

The two main reasons for the importance behind this event are: it’s a celebration for youngsters and it’s a celebration of societal progress. 

  • The youngsters are the future of the country. It is very important to guide them in the right pathways to reap the benefits. Soon, the technology space will continue to grow, creating more jobs, many of which we cannot even foresee at this stage. This is why it is important to prepare the young from an early age.
  • Many believe that technological advancements are evidence of societal advancements by default. It is very important to see that the information which is being passed from one point to another is of utmost relevance which seeds growth and betterment of the future. Hence, by passing relevant information, one will be able to solve the problem easily. 

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How is National Techies Day Celebrated?

If you are planning to celebrate National Techies Day, then here are some of the best ways through which one can do so.

  • Children from a very young age should be encouraged to try new things. They should be asked to learn new technologies and coding systems. You never know who might shine.
  • It is never too late to learn or generate a new interest. One can always learn how to code or design something using online tools.
  • One of the greatest worries in the technology industry is obsolescence. Therefore, one needs to keep themselves updated about all the information. 


Q1. What is the purpose of National Techies Day?

A1. Every year, on 3 October there is a celebration known as National Techies Day to highlight the many opportunities available to young people in the technology sector.

Q2. What can one do on National Techies Day?

A2. One can remain updated with all the knowledge about the latest technology and then implement it in their life. 

Q3. Who initiated the National Techies Day?

A3. This day was initiated by CNT Networks (Computer Networking Technology) in 1999. 

We hope this blog provided you with all the relevant information about the World Habitat Day. It provided you with information related to how this event came up the history behind it being celebrated and much more. 

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