20 World Chocolate Day Quotes and Wishes with Images

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World Chocolate Day Quotes and Wishes

World Chocolate Day is celebrated every year on July 7. This day promotes the different varieties and kinds of national and international chocolates around the world. Whether you like the bitter taste of dark chocolate or the milky and smooth feeling of white chocolate on your chocolate, there is something for every preference. Moreover, moderate consumption of chocolate is linked with better heart health, improved brain function, and reduced stress. So, if you wish to spread some sweetness with your friends and family, here are some amazing quotes and wishes on World Chocolate Day. 

10 Funny World Chocolate Day Quotes

1. Life happens, stress comes, and chocolate helps.

2. Chocolate is nature’s way of making up for tormenting us with Mondays. 

3. Chocolate doesn’t ask us to do something. It understands and comforts us. 

4. Stressed spelt backwards is desserts. Coincidence? I think not!s

5. They say money can’t buy happiness but it can buy chocolates which is pretty the same to me.

6. There is no we in chocolates unless you mean “we should eat more chocolates”.

7. I could never give up on chocolates because my mom didn’t raise a quitter. 

8. They say nine out of ten people like chocolates. I think the tenth person is a liar. 

9. All you need is love. But a little chocolate after every meal won’t hurt. 

10. I love World Chocolate Day. It gives me another reason to eat my favourite thing in the world. 

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10 World Chocolate Day Wishes

1. Wishing everyone a very happy and sweet World Chocolate Day. 

2. This World Chocolate Day, enjoy every moment soaked in the sweetness of your favourite chocolate.

3. May your day be full of delightful surprises and chocolates to keep you full and energized. 

4. Happy World Chocolate Day everyone. May your heart be full and your cravings be satisfied. 

5. Sending you unlimited hugs, wishes, love, and an abundance of chocolatey greetings.

6. Celebrate this World Chocolate Day with your friends and family and treat them with some delightful treats. 

7. I wish you a wonderful and delicious World Chocolate Day which adds even more sweetness in your life.

8. Here is a day full of chocolate bliss and delightful treats. May your World Chocolate Day be an unforgettable one. 

9. Wishing everyone a World Chocolate Day as sweet as chocolate and as cheerful as laughter. Happy World Chocolate Day!

10. Sending everyone love and sweet wishes on World Chocolate Day! May your day be as delicious as the finest chocolate.”


What is the best quote for Chocolate Day?

One quote for World Chocolate Day is, “Life happens, stress comes, and chocolate helps.”

What are some chocolate quotes?

If you want to wish someone on this World Chocolate Day, you can send them simple and sweet quotes like, “They say nine out of ten people like chocolates. I think the tenth person is a liar.”

When is World Chocolate Day?

World Chocolate Day is celebrated every year on 7 July. 

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