Essay on Cruelty to Animals in 500 Words for School Students in English

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Essay on Cruelty to Animals

Essay on Cruelty to Animals: Cruelty to animals is referred to as harsh behaviour towards animals. As humans, we think that we are superior and that every other living and non-living thing is inferior to us. We treat and do things in ways we like and want them to. Based on animals’ nature towards humans, they are classified into two categories; domestic animals and wild animals. Domestic animals are those which we can adopt and wild animals cannot be adopted by humans. 

Regardless of their types, animals have fallen victim to cruel human behaviour. Killing animals, physically harming them to perform certain an activity, not feeding them properly, encroaching on their habitat, etc. are some of the types of animal cruelty. To aware you of animal cruelty and the impacts of harsh human behaviour towards animals, here is an essay on cruelty to animals.

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Essay on Cruelty to Animals in 500 Words

Cruelty to animals means poor and violent behaviour towards animals. In the name of research and experiments, humans use animals as bait. In zoological parks, wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, a lot of animals live in poor conditions, resulting in their endangerment and ultimately their extinction. 

Every living being on this planet deserves to live a peaceful life according to their natural features. There are marine animals that survive in deep water only, terrestrial animals on land and birds that migrate from one place to another. 

In many countries, including India, animal cruelty is a crime. Under the IPC Sections 428 and 429, killing, poisoning and causing physical harm to animals is a punishable offence. 

To achieve sustainable development, we must have a balanced ecosystem, where animals can live freely. Certain measures can help prevent animal cruelty. Supporting animal shelters by providing funds and encouraging animal adoption for shelters can be one way. Educating people about the importance of animal welfare is another strategy. Students, native people and even adults must be educated about animal cruelty and how it harms the overall well-being of animals.

One popular example of animal cruelty is animal training. Places like circuses and private animal training centres physically harm animals, as they want them to perform certain activities in the name of entertainment. Beating animals to make someone laugh or entertain is not just legally wrong but is also an inhuman practice, for animals to have emotions and feel pain.

Appropriate use of technology can help stop animal cruelty. Social media platforms can help raise awareness about animal cruelty, where experts can share information and mobilise people for animal welfare support. 

In recent years, a lot of people have turned to a vegan lifestyle and given up their non-vegetarian lifestyle. Promoting and supporting vegetarian and vegan lifestyles will help reduce the exploitation of animals for food.

In Hindu mythologies, animals were considered sacred and were venerated. These included animals like tigers, elephants, cows, mice, etc. It is up to us how we treat animals. Schools and educational institutions must teach students what animal cruelty is and why it must be stopped. 

Our leather clothes, fancy carpets, shoes, belts and even car seats are made of animal skins. Young animals are killed to obtain their body parts for trade and business. They are illegally transported from one country to another and sold in the black market. We very happily put a bird in a cage, but can we imagine ourselves in a cage? Animals have to suffer due to human activities. 

We, as humans, must stop this madness. They are as much part of this world as we are. Now, it’s high time that we take strong measures to stop cruelty towards animals. It will require a collective effort from different countries to implement international laws against animal cruelty and punish the evildoers.

Source: Animals Australia (YouTube

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10 Lines on Cruelty to Animals

Here are 10 lines on animal cruelty. Feel free to add them to your essay or English writing topics.

  1. Animal cruelty is an unlawful activity in most of the countries.
  2. Animal cruelty is a punishable offence under Sections 428 and 429 of the Indian Penal Code.
  3. Animal Cruelty is the harsh and poor behaviour towards animals.
  4. Animal cruelty can be stopped by taking strong legal action.
  5. The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act has been implemented by the Government of India.
  6. Animals are put in circuses and zoos for our entertainment.
  7. Animals’ skin, teeth and horns are used as decor items by humans.
  8. The cosmetic industry uses products made by killing animals.
  9. Animals are considered sacred in the Hindu religion and are revered.
  10. The cow is considered a holy animal in Hindu culture and is worshipped.
Source: Animals Australia (YouTube)

Paragraph on Animal Cruelty

Every animal on the earth deserves to live in peace. It is due to selfish human activities, where animals are used and killed for various factors. From scientific experiments to the domestication of animals, humans harm animals with different methods. Just like us, animals also have emotions and feel pain. God has given them an equal right to live just as to us. But here we are, killing animals to obtain their teeth, skins and other body parts to decorate our homes. On one side we are killing an animal, and on the other, we are killing a living being. Our cosmetic industries, medicines and even non-vegetarian diets are all responsible for animal cruelty. We must stop such sinful activities as they disturb the ecological balance and hurt poor animals. To stop animal cruelty, we must collectively work and take strong legal measures to stop it. We must raise awareness about animal cruelty, educate people and support animal shelters.


Q.1. What is the meaning of animal cruelty?

Ans: Animal cruelty refers to the harmful and poor behaviour towards animals. As humans, we think that we are superior and that every other living and non-living thing is inferior to us. We treat and do things in ways we like and want them to.

Q.2. How to stop animal cruelty?

Ans: Animal cruelty can be stopped by strong legal measures, proper education, animal shelters, humane education programs, anonymous mechanisms, etc.

Q.3. What are the types of animal abuse?

Ans: There are four types of animal abuse: simple neglect, abuse and torture, organised abuse and illegal breeding or animal sexual abuse.

Q.4. Is there any law against animal cruelty?

Ans: Under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, Sections 428 and 429 states that animal cruelty is a punishable offence.

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