Write a Letter to Your Friend About the Pollution in the Sacred River Ganga: Check Samples and Format

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Letter to Your Friend About the Pollution in the Sacred River Ganga

The Ganges is a holy river in India and Bangladesh. This river flows through the most fertile land on the Earth: the Great North Indian Plains. However, its pollution poses a grave threat to both the environment and public health. To make students aware of such concerns, schools often ask the students to write a letter to their friends about the pollution in the sacred river Ganga. 

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Sample 1: Letter to Your Friend About the Pollution in the Sacred River Ganga

Shree Hari Center,
House No: 434,
Mahatma Gandhi Road,
Kolhapur – 416119

13 March 2024

Dear Anmol,

As you know the Ganga is more than just a river for us. It has been a sacred lifeline for the culture of India and spirituality for centuries. Yet, I am writing this to you with a heavy heart that the negligence of humans has created a crisis for the holy river in the form of pollution.

With the heavy industrial waste, human sewage, and discharge of waste, the water of Ganga has increasingly become tainted. Not only marine life is facing the impact of this water pollution but human life is also under threat. 

Anmol, we must acknowledge that the pollution of Ganga is violating our sacred duty to protect the divine gift. The river has provided bread and butter to many for generations and we must ensure that it should flow for generations to come.

I request you, your friends, and the community to join the raising awareness programs such as the National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG) and various programs running at Varanasi and other concerned cities. 

Let us lead by example, organize the clean-up drives, and plant trees along the course of the river. By working together, we can inspire others and create a nationwide set of examples for the countrymen.

In unity and determination,

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Sample 2: Letter to Your Friend About the Pollution in the Sacred River Ganga

Rajkot Municipal Corporation,
Krishna Nagar,
East Delhi – 110018

22 February 2024

Dear Amit, 
I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to you today to express my deep concern over the increasing level of the sacred river Ganga. During my recent visit to Varanasi, I witnessed the disheartening reality of the holy river. The once-pure water has become another dumping ground for untreated sewage, industrial waste, and various other pollutants.

The contamination of the Ganga further gave birth to millions of health risks to the millions who depend on it for daily water like drinking, bathing, and irrigation. The toxic waters are also endangering aquatic life which further leads to the decline in the marine creature population and impacts the livelihoods of countless families.

Amit, I request you to join me in raising awareness about the important issue of pollution in sacred rivers. Please provide your advice and suggestions for protecting the valuable water resources. Trust me together we can inspire our communities to take action before it is too late.

I look forward to discussing this matter further with you and would love to contribute your valuable suggestions on this important topic.

Warm regards,

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Letter to Your Friend Format

Write a Letter to Your Friend About the Pollution in the Sacred River Ganga


Que. 1 How do you write a letter to a friend about water pollution?

Ans. Dear [Friend’s Name],
I am writing to express my concern over the alarming levels of water pollution in our rivers. The contamination is threatening water life and posing health issues to countless people.

Que. 2 What is being done about the pollution in the Ganga River?

Ans. To eradicate the pollution in the Ganga River efforts are being made by the government and environmental organisations to implement measures like setting up of sewage treatment plants and promoting public awareness. 

Que. 3 How do I write a letter about pollution?

Ans. To write a letter about pollution, start your letter with a courteous greeting, state the purpose of writing about pollution, and describe the specific issues and their impact on people and society. Meanwhile, do not forget to suggest solutions too.

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