Difference Between Micro Teaching and Macro Teaching: Definitions and Comparative Study

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Difference Between Micro Teaching and Macro Teaching

Difference between Micro Teaching and Macro Teaching: Micro and macro teaching are two sides of the instructional coin. Macro teaching involves delivering lessons to a full class over a longer period, like a lecture. It focuses on covering broad topics and assessing learning through tests or projects. Micro teaching, on the other hand, is a concentrated practice session with a small group or even one student, lasting just minutes. It hones specific teaching skills and receives immediate feedback in a low-pressure setting. To explore additional differences between both forms of teaching, keep reading the blog!!

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What is Micro Teaching?

Micro Teaching is a teacher training method that focuses on specific skills or concepts within a controlled environment such as the size of the classroom, teaching materials, and specific teaching skills or techniques. The teaching method was developed by Dwight W. Allen and his colleagues in the year 1960s at Stanford University. 

Unpacked with core components like short duration, isolated focus, and immediate feedback micro-teaching is a 5 to 15-minute teaching session. It allows pre-service or in-service teachers to practice the target teaching skills in a simulated environment. 

Features of Micro Teaching

After learning what is micro teaching let us consider some important features of micro-teaching shortly and simply:

  • Micro teaching practices the specific teaching skills or techniques in a controlled environment specifically small groups of students.
  • The micro-teaching sessions are for shorter periods which usually lasts between 5 to 20 minutes. 
  • After the sessions of micro-teaching, the teacher receives feedback from the mentors, children or through the video recordings. These feedbacks help the teacher for self-evaluation and improvement.
  • The aim of micro teaching is design to help the development of specific skills such as questioning and classroom management.
  • Micro teaching is a cyclical process which includes the process of planning, teaching, feedback and re-teaching. The cycle aims for continuous improvement in the method of teaching.

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What is Macro Teaching

Macro teaching is enclosed with a comprehensive method of teaching which includes an approach of complete lesson or unit. The teaching method involves a process of lesson planning, designing of curriculum, management strategies, assessment and evaluation and a combination of various techniques and resources.

Unlike micro teaching, macro teaching does not have a stimulated environment instead it focuses on addressing the different needs and learning styles of students. Some of the important factors of macro teaching include student diversity, subject matter complexities, and the aim of the psychological development of the students while delivering the lessons. 

Features of Macro Teaching

The second approach of teaching focuses on teaching and learning more extensively, which includes:

  • Macro teaching is experience in an actual classroom setting, which involves a class full of students and the complete teaching and learning process.
  • The sessions of macro teaching sessions are comparatively longer than micro-teaching sessions, which include an entire lesson or a series of lessons.
  • Teachers gain experience with real classroom ambience, interactions with students and unexpected situations.
  • Macro teaching allows teachers to receive feedback on their teaching performance, knowledge of the subject, communication skills and the ability to engage students. 
  • Macro teaching is an ongoing process that helps teachers to grow professionally in their careers.

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Difference Between Micro Teaching and Macro Teaching

The key difference between micro teaching and macro teaching are as follows:

Point of Difference Micro Teaching Macro Teaching
Focus Micro teaching focuses on specific teaching skills or concepts. Macro teaching focuses on the overall process of teaching and delivery of lessons. 
Duration Involves short lessons or segments which generally range from 5 to 20 minutes.Involves full-length lessons or classroom periods usually lasting 30 minutes to several hours.
Environment Generally conducted in a controlled environment with a small group of peers or simulated students. Generally takes place in a real classroom setting with a complete class of students. 
Scope The scope of micro-teaching is narrow and focuses on practising and mastering specific teaching skills of teaching. The scope of macro teaching is broad which includes the entire teaching process and different aspects of classroom instruction.
Feedback Immediate feedback is provided by students, mentors or even by video recordings. The feedback in macro teaching is generally provided after the feedback from students, mentors and video recordings. 
Purpose Microteaching aims at developing and refining specific teaching skills and techniques. Macro teaching aims at developing overall the capability of classroom management and lesson delivery skills.
Advantages The benefits of micro-teaching include a focus on practice, reduction in anxiety, and providing a safe environment for experimentation.The benefits of macro-teaching include a realistic teaching experience and help in the development of skills for managing an entire classroom.
Limitations It may not completely represent the complexities of a real classroom environment. The feedback in macro teaching may be delayed with few opportunities for practising skills.
Role in Training of Teachers Micro teaching includes initial training techniques to develop specific teaching skills.Macro teaching includes advanced training or the development and evaluation of skills. 

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1. What are micro and macro skills teaching?

Ans. Micro skills of teaching is a method which focuses on specific techniques of teaching whereas macro skills include overall teaching skills.

2. What is the difference between micro and macro curriculum?

Ans. The micro curriculum includes the individual lessons whereas the macro curriculum covers the entire course or program.

3. What is meant by macro teaching?

Ans. Macro teaching refers to the practice of teaching in an actual learning environment with students.

4. What do you mean by micro-teaching?

Ans. Micro teaching is the practice of teaching with the specific skills of a controlled and student-based environment. 

5. Why is macro teaching important? 

Ans. Macro teaching is important because it provides the experience of a real classroom and includes various teaching methods. 

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