Write a Letter to Your Elder Brother Who Lives in Delhi Sharing Your Feelings About How You Miss Him at Home: Check Format and Samples

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Write a Letter to Your Elder Brother Who Lives in Delhi Sharing Your Feelings About How You Miss Him at Home

Letter writing might seem like an old practice but it is an important way to connect with people and loved ones who are living far away. Today we have many digital means of communication but still writing letters allows us to express our deepest thoughts and feelings. When we take time to handwrite a personal letter to someone, it shows that they are special to us. 

Moreover, writing letters also helps us organise our thoughts and emotions. In the list of thoughtful and heartfelt emotional informal letters, let us understand how can we write a letter to your elder brother who lives in Delhi sharing your feelings about how you miss him at home. Let us look at some samples on this topic. 

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Format of How to Write a Letter to Your Elder Brother Who Lives in Delhi and Tell Him How You Miss Him 

Salutation (Dear Brother) 

Opening Paragraph
(Begin the letter by expressing your love and appreciation. Let him know that you’re thinking of her and that you want to take the time to write a letter.)

(Express your feelings share your thoughts gratitude)

(Conclude your letter with a positive and loving note.)

Your Signature
(P.S) Optional

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Write a Letter to Your Elder Brother Who Lives in Delhi Sharing Your Feelings About How You Miss Him at Home: Samples

Sample 1

Write A Letter To Your Elder Brother Who Lives In Delhi Sharing Your Feelings About How You Miss Him At Home

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Sample 2

Sky Rock Ranch Apt.Village
EastBangalore, Karnataka
11 April 2023

Dear Vijay Bhaiya,

I hope you are doing well in Delhi. It is hard to believe that it is already been 6 months since you moved away for your new job opportunity. I am so proud of you that you have achieved your dream job but for that, you have left your comfort of home. For this, I am inspired by you.

Bhaiya, things at home are just not the same as usual without you. The house is quiet now. I miss hearing your loud laugh that echoes through the halls. 

Mealtimes are yet another sad reminder that our family is not complete. The chair at the dining table over which we once fought is empty now. I try my best to fill the silence by telling Mom and Dad about my school activities but it is not the same. Our dinner times are short as there is no one to discuss current topics with Father. Moreover, we miss your fascinating stories about office gossip and your colleagues in Delhi.

It is hard to adjust without my protective elder brother who was always there to look after me. Who is going to threaten the boys who are going to tease me for my small nose or going to make Maggi at midnight when I feel like craving?

I cannot forget how you calmed me down when I was stressed about my school or friend´s dreams. I always need my elder brother’s advice to guide me about every important aspect of life. 

I know you must be so busy in Delhi but I hope you have not forgotten your younger sister. I have so many memories of growing up together that we had together like holding of cycle at India Gate when we were little, going to the mela every year and eating so many sweets when we felt sick. Bhaiya, you are just not a big brother but an important part of my childhood memories with whom I have always cherished the special bond that we share.

We all are eagerly waiting for your visit to come home back soon. Delhi may be your home where you are hanging out right now but still, your home is waiting for you. Mom and Dad are so proud of you and how can you forget that you are my hero? 

You will always be my beloved brother no matter where you stay. Stay safe in the big city but don´t forget to take time for yourself too. I am always just a phone call away if you ever need me. Love you so much Bhaiya.

Your Loving Sister,

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Sample 3

7a, Ahmed Mansion, Chunam Lane, 
Lamington Road,

18 August 2005

Dear Bhaiya,
I hope that you are enjoying the hassle of life in Delhi. It is hard to believe that it is been a year already since you moved away from home. We were so thrilled and proud that you landed your dream job but it is sad that for your job you have to be apart from the family. The distance made me realise how much I miss my brother. 

The absence of your humour and energy can be felt by us at any time. Laughs don’t come as easily now and the house feels so quiet with just three of us, Mom, Dad and me. I miss our lively dinnertime when you used to make funny voices so that I couldn´t focus on the milk, which I never wanted to drink. Mom and Dad laugh about those memories now, but I can easily see that they miss you so much. 

Now, there is no one to lend me to hear my complaints after a long school day or give me advice related to my prospective career. The weekends are lonely without you as you were the only witness of my crime of stealing sweets from mother’s secret place. Though I meet my friends to fill the days still it is not the same without you by my side.

We have proudly placed your graduation picture in the living room. It reminds me of how wonderful you were in your academics. I hope your job is providing you with opportunities to chase the rest of your life’s milestones. For me, you are always my big brother whom I admire in everything I do. 
Your visit to my home is much awaited. I can see Mom tear up a bit whenever she counts the number of days of your presence for some days only. Dad is also eagerly waiting for you too as if now he has not learned how to play online games.  

Delhi may be your new home, Bhaiya but you will always have a place here with us. Follow your dreams in the big city but know that your family is so proud of you and misses you every day. You will be always my beloved brother whom I look and inspire. Stay safe, work hard and meanwhile don’t forget to reward your efforts too.

Lot of Love,

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1. How do I write a letter to my elder brother?

Ans. Begin your letter to your elder brother with ¨Dear Brother¨ and share your updates on life and so on about his. Tell him how his family misses him. While writing the letter use a conversational tone.

2. How can I show love to my brother?

Ans. To show love to your brother share your childhood memories, tell him how much he means to you and inspires you in real life.

3. What are two lines for brother?

Ans. The two lines for brother can be like:
You were always there for me when I was growing up. I could not have asked for a better role model and friend except you Bhaiya.

4. Why big brothers are important in life? 

Ans. Big brothers provide guidance, and protection and look up as a role model for the younger generation. 

5. How can I describe my brother?

Ans. Here is a sample:
My brother is younger than me. He is fun-loving and sincere in whatever he does. Hard work and perseverance are what define his personality. 

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