Write a Letter To Your Friend Telling Him About Your Ambition in Life: Check Samples

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Letter To Your Friend Telling Him About Your Ambition in Life

Young minds think at lightning speed, owing to which they aspire to achieve everything they know about. They aim to study hard, play well, travel widely, and enjoy a lot during their lives. The most important goal in their aspirations list is to choose a lucrative career after school. In their journey of reaching their destination, they want to share their feelings with their friends. If you are on the same journey, then you can write a letter to your friend telling him about your ambition in life, using the samples in this blog. 

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Write a Letter To Your Friend Telling Him About Your Ambition in Life: Sample 1

7 Avenue, Ahmed Mansion,
Chunam Lane, Lamington Road,

17 August 2005

Dear Madhu, 

I hope this letter finds you in good health. Today, I want to share with you my goal of becoming a doctor. Since a very young age, I have dreamt of having a career in medicine so that I can help people live healthier and happier lives. The more I learn about medicine, the more confident I am that being a doctor is the right path for me.

There are a few reasons why I want to become a doctor. First of all, I love biology, and the subject is fascinating to learn about the human body. I enjoy learning how the body’s organs work and help keep people alive. Secondly, I have a deep desire to reduce the suffering of people; if you remember, for this reason, I was addressed as Mother Teresa in class. When I see people with illness and pain, I want to be able to diagnose what is wrong with their bodies and help them so that they can feel better. 

Furthermore, as there is a shortage of doctors in our locality, I want to make a difference in our society by giving medical aid to the needy. After becoming a doctor, I will fulfil the needs and improve healthcare access for poor families.

To reach my ambition, I have a long road of education and training ahead. I am preparing myself to work hard and am committed to excelling in my pre-medical studies. I have also decided to gain medical experience by becoming a member of an NGO group working for the healing of people with physical pain.

My dreams will take many years of effort, but I am still excited for the journey. I hope I can do my best for my family, friends, and community as a compassionate and dedicated doctor.
Let me know if you have any pieces of advice from your side about pursuing my dream. I will appreciate your support in this matter.

Yours truly,
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Write a Letter To Your Friend Telling Him About Your Ambition in Life: Sample 2 (For College Students)

Hi Akshay,

How are you? It is been a long time since we wrote to each other and expressed what’s going on in our lives. I know time is flying and I am still a bit late in deciding about my ambitions and where I want to go and want to pursue in my life. Remember, we used to have long discussions on this crucial topic, so, I want to share some of my goals with you. 

I have decided to start my career in Digital Art. I have realised computer and modern software programs interest me more than anything else. Who could be the better person to agree on this, after all, we have worked together on certain projects where we prepared some charismatic and innovative designs for class presentations. I want to take this passion of mine to the next level and have decided to become a full-time graphic designer. I will take a good course and will work on my ambition with dedication. 

Next, I will build up my portfolio and will continue with some freelance projects. In the meantime, I will add on necessary skills that will give edge to my learning. In the year 2025, I will apply to bigger design firms and agencies. I would love to design logos, applications, websites, posters and many more. My goal is to work for a top firm within the next 3 to 5 years. 

Akshay, this way I will contribute to my ambition in life and will try to continue the chain after completion of one with my next aspirations. Lastly, I want to grow and learn as a person who is open to learning new things with a curious mind and always supportive feedback.  Thank you so much for listening to my words with patience. Do not forget to know how you have been recently and I would love to hear updates from you as well. 

Your Friend,

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Write a Letter To Your Friend Telling Him About Your Ambition in Life: Sample 3

Write a Letter To Your Friend Telling Him About Your Ambition in Life

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1. What is ambition in life?

Ans. Ambition is a feeling of eagerness and persistence that desire for achievement, power, or status. It is a feeling of hunger to accomplish something eagerly desired or something important in life.

2. What is the ambition of a student?

Ans. The ambition of every student is to work hard in their studies with continuous efforts and get a good career after that. 

3. How do write a letter to your friend telling him or her why you like your school?

Ans. In ‘A  letter to your friend telling him or her why you like your school’, you can write about the building, ambience, and administration of the school.

4. How do you write a letter to my friend telling me about my daily life?

Ans. In my daily life letter, you can describe your everyday life activities such as your daily routine, academics, time spent on social activities, and your eating habits. Meanwhile, you can also discuss your workout regime.

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