List of 11 Top Boarding Schools in India: Fees, Location and Admission 2024-25

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Top 10 Boarding Schools in India

Many parents in India plan to send their children to boarding schools in the country, given their importance in developing the students’ personalities and academic persona. Depending on the location, fee structure, facilities, and benefits of the boarding schools, students decide to choose a boarding school in India. What are the top boarding schools in India, and how do they stand apart from other boarding schools? With this blog, light shall be shed upon the best boarding schools in India that ingrain students with a better disposition. Without further ado, continue reading this blog to know more about the top 11 boarding schools in India. 

1. The Doon School Dehradun 

Source: EasyShiksha TV

The Doon School of Dehradun, an International Board School, revolves around imparting education and caters to the growth and development of boys. Designed per British standards, a lively and academic environment surrounds the air the boarding school area. The boarding school further aims to make the young boys into fine young men who can pursue their future as successful professionals, by cultivating their skills, interests, and academic aspirations. 

Located in Dehradun 
Established in 1935
School Board IB
Type of School Boys Boarding School 
Sports and other activities Chess, Volleyball, Basketball, etc. 

To get admission to the Doon School of Dehradun, students need to register themselves and have to pay the Registration Fee, by Demand Draft according to the schedule given below:

Age Registration FeeOverseas Registration 
Up to 3 yearsRs. 12,000$ 600 US Dollars
3 – 5 yearsRs. 15,000$ 850 US Dollars
5 – 7 yearsRs. 18,500$ 1000 US Dollars
7 – 9 yearsRs. 22,000$ 1300 US Dollars
9 – 11 yearsRs. 29,000$ 1500 US Dollars
11 – 13 yearsRs. 36,000$ 1800 US Dollars

Please note that registering at the Doon School of Dehradun does not guarantee admission. Further, the IR (Indian Resident) registration fee includes a charge of Rs. 1000 for the registration form.

2. JAIN International Residential School, Bangalore

Source: JAIN International Residential School

As one of the best international boarding schools in Bangalore, JIRS also comes at the top in the country as a whole. Students from all over the world stay at this boarding school from Grade 5 to 12 with over 700 students availing of the school’s dynamic experience and facilities. Sports and recreational activities play a major and integral role in the success and quality of life at this boarding school. Furthermore, the school takes pride in itself as being the home of cultural, national, and international diversity. A global curriculum is followed at the school which promises a bright and prominent future for the students. 

Located in Bangalore
Established in 1999
School Board IBDP, CBSE, Cambridge International  
Fees Expected INR 2 lakh
Type of School Co-Ed Boarding School 
Sports and other activities Cricket, Dance, etc.

Why choose Jain International Residential School for your child?

Following are the reasons that will find Jain International Residential Scool top boarding schools in India:

  • Jain International Residential School, Bengaluru, has Ranked No. 1 among India´s Top Boarding Schools, as per a survey conducted by Education Today in the year 2023-24.
  • The school has been awarded has been awarded for the Experiential Learning.
  • Jain International Schools has been awarded as No. 1 among the Top Residential Schools Bengaluru in Times Schools Survey 2023-24.
  • School records 80 per cent satisfaction of recommendation of parents.
  • Providing Corporate Traning Program for the business leaders of tomorrow.

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3. Sharda World School, Agra

Source: Sharda Group of Institutions

Sharda World School in Agra is managed by the Sharda Group and is a co-educational institution affiliated with the CBSE Board. Additionally, it is one of the only schools in North India to also Finnish and British curriculum to its students.

The school offers both English and Hindi mediums of instruction, and admission is open from Nursery to Class 10th in the CBSE curriculum and Nursery to Class 8th in the Cambridge curriculum. Sharda World School Agra provides residential as well as day-schooling facilities.

The school follows the philosophy of “Panchamahabhutas,” which emphasises the five elements of life – water, earth, air, fire, and space – to educate children. The school boasts a teacher-student ratio of 1:10, which fosters a peer-to-peer learning environment.

Located inAgra, Uttar Pradesh
Established in1996
School BoardCBSE Board, Finish and British Curriculum
FeesBoarding – Expected INR 4.51 – 5.07 Lakhs per year
Non-Boarding – Expected INR 1.26 – 1.82 Lakhs per year
Type of SchoolCo-Ed Boarding School + Regular
Sports and other activitiesIndoor – Swimming Pool, Boxing, Billiards, Shooting, Aerobics etc.
Outdoor Mini Golf, Basketball, Cricket, Badminton etc.
Contact InfoEmail ID – [email protected]
Phone – +91-9012 75 9999

4. Welham Girls School, Dehradun 

Source: I Can. India

Though Welham Girls School began its journey as a school that admitted affluent local students, it slowly evolved into a boarding school that focused on providing education to students from North India. It is one of the top-performing boarding schools in terms of academia; evident by the fact that the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations once named it the same at the Indian School Certificate Examinations for 2013. 

Further, students also volunteer at local organisations.  

Located in Dehradun 
Established in 1957
School Board CISCE
Fees Expected INR 6.7 lakh
Type of School Girls Boarding School 
Sports and other activities Dance, Music, Volleyball, Hockey, etc.

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5. Rishi Valley School, Chittoor 

Source: Guru Chela Tips

This boarding school in Chittoor is home to more than 400 students from all over India, accompanied by a staff of sixty highly-trained teachers. The school also focuses on developing each facet of the student’s personality, along with their academic progress. The infrastructure is divided into approximately 20 small hostels, that reside girls and boys of a range of ages. Sports and other activities also make a crucial part of the living and educational experience at this boarding school. 

Located in Chittoor
Established in 1926
School Board ICSE
Fees INR 4 lakh
Type of School Co-Ed Boarding School 
Sports and other activities Sculpting, woodworking, writing, dance, etc. 

6. The Lawrence School, Sanawar 

Source: Kasauli TV

Students from all over the subcontinent study at this boarding school. Moreover, the surroundings of the school are covered with nature, providing students with a serene and peaceful environment that further enhances their critical thinking abilities and helps them focus on their studies and self-development. Physical activity and education play an important role in completing the curriculum of the students, as each child starts the day with a half-hour of physical activity. 

Located in Himachal Pradesh 
Established in 1847
School Board CBSE
Fees INR 1 lakh
Type of School Co-Ed Boarding School 
Sports and other activities Running, cricket, etc.

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7. UWC Mahindra College, Pune 

Source: UWC Mahindra College

Designed for 16 years of age to 19 years of age students, UWC Mahindra College is a residential school that is home to students from all around the world.  The UWC movement’s goal, which is to make education “ a force to unite people, nations, and cultures for peace and sustainable future”, is substantiated by its complete and experiential curriculum. A range of resources is available at the boarding school, including social spaces and medical services. 

Located in Pune 
Established in 1997
School Board IB
Fees INR 22.5 lakh
Type of School Co-Ed Boarding School 

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8. Woodstock School Mussoorie 

Source: Woodstock School

In this school, the best of American, British, and international education systems are combined to produce an innovative and engaging curriculum. The education imparted to students is proceeded with in a comprehensive manner, that involves the entirety of arts, humanities, and science. After the studies, the school also grants an American high school diploma, which is properly accredited. An inclusive Christian culture is further dwelled in preparing students to become future leaders. 

Located in Uttarakhand 
Established in 1854
School Board IB
Fees Differs based on classes
Type of School Co-Ed Boarding School 

9. Tula’s International School, Dehradun  

Source: Tulas International School

Comparatively, a recently established boarding school, Tula’s International School has fast gained traction as one of the best boarding schools in India, making it in the list of top 10 boarding schools in India. Situated at the foothills of the Himalayas, the scenic beauty surrounding the infrastructure of the boarding school provides students with a peaceful and calming atmosphere. The school encourages students to participate and develop in both academics and co-curricular activities

Located in Uttarakhand 
Established in 2012
School Board CBSE
Fees INR 1 lakh
Type of School Co-Ed Boarding School 

10. Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya, Gwalior

Source: allschoolscolleges

An all-girls residential school, Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya motivates students to take charge of their learning and development by making content relevant to them. Besides the academic curricula,  a range of infra and intra-school sporting events are organised where students get to participate and shine in their domain. Furthermore, Kathak and Manipuri dance styles and forms are also taught to students. 

Located in Madhya Pradesh 
Established in 1956
School Board CCE
Fees INR 6 lakh
Type of School Girls Boarding School 

11. Kodaikanal International School, Tamil Nadu 

Source: Kodaikanal International School

The history of this school spans well over a hundred years! It is a unique school that prioritizes its students, focusing on their personal growth and development. One of the top 10 boarding schools in India, Kodaikanal International School, Tamil Nadu commits itself to the community, having crossed many milestones in its journey. One example is when it became the first school in India has its own campus for camping and outdoor activities. 

Located in Tamil Nadu 
Established in 1901
School Board IB
Fees INR 12.8 lakh
Type of School Co-Ed Boarding School 

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Q1. Which is the top boarding school in India?

Ans. Rishi Valley School is at the top when it comes to the top 10 boarding schools in India. 

Q2. Which is the most famous Indian boarding school?

Ans. The Doon School Dehradun is one of the most famous boarding schools in India. 

Q3. Which is the most famous school board in India?

Ans. Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is the most famous school board in India. 

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This was all about the Top 11 Boarding Schools in India.

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