Today’s News in English for School Assembly: Check Out the School Assembly News Headlines for 11 May 2024 

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school assembly news headlines

School Assembly News Headlines for 11 May 2024: The world is a fast-paced place. Over the night, many things change, some for the good, some for the bad, and that happens worldwide. Most updates on them can be found in the news, making it a reliable source of information. 

Students should regularly stay in touch with the news because, not only is it a way to remain connected with the current affairs, it also promotes critical thinking along with gaining global awareness. Hence, in this blog, we bring you school assembly news headlines for 11 May 2024. Herein, you will find Today´s news in English that includes today´s entertainment news, a thought for the day, a word of the day, and highlights world important day. What better way to start the day with news updates from all over the world?! Keeping this in mind, let us now explore this blog! 

National News Headlines in English for 11 May 2024 

Stay updated with national news headlines in English. Learn about various sectors’ happenings in our country. 

  1. Air India expects normalcy in the next two days. Operations to improve as the crew returns after the strike: Soon after the strike that led to disruptions in major flights was called off, Tata-owned airline said operations of Air India Express slowly started improving on Friday as more cabin crew members are joining back for duty. 
  1. BCCI to soon call for applications for new Team India coach: BCCI Secretary Jay Shah has said they are soon set to call in applications for a new Team India coach as Rahul Dravid’s tenure is coming to an end in June. Shah also added that if Dravid wishes to continue he will have to reapply for the position. 
  1. Bengal BJP launches portal for candidates affected by school jobs scam: The West Bengal unit of the BJP has set up a dedicated legal support website and a helpline number to assist “genuine” candidates who have been affected by the alleged school jobs scam. 
  1. India fully withdraws soldiers from Maldives ahead of May 10 deadline: India has withdrawn all its soldiers from the Maldives, the government here has said, ahead of the May 10 deadline set by President Mohamed Muizzu for the complete withdrawal of Indian military personnel from his country. 
  1. Doctors’ group urges to review all Covid vaccines because of possible Covishield side effects: In the wake of pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca admitting in a UK court that its Covid vaccine can cause blood clots in rare cases, a group of doctors on Thursday expressed deep concern over the safety of the Covishield vaccine manufactured by the Serum Institute of India. 

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International News in English for 11 May 2024 

Explore global stories through international news in English. Discover updates from different countries: 

  1. Biden to impose tariffs on China’s electric vehicles, strategic sectors: President Joe Biden is set to announce new China tariffs as soon as next week targeting strategic sectors including electric vehicles, according to two people familiar with the matter. 
  1. UN to vote on granting Palestine new rights, reviving its membership bid: The UN General Assembly is expected to vote Friday on a resolution that would grant new rights and privileges to Palestine and call on the Security Council to favourably reconsider its request to become the 194th member of the United Nations. 

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Sports News in English for 11 May 2024 

Get the latest sports news in English and follow your favourite sports events: 

  1. Colin Munro from NZ retires from international cricket after T20 WC snub: New Zealand’s Colin Munro, a great top-order batter, announced his retirement from international cricket on Friday after he was not included in the national team for the upcoming T20 World Cup. 
  1. Nadal makes a comeback win at the Italian Open: Nadal emerged victorious before an adoring crowd at the Italian Open in what will likely be his final tournament at the Foro Italico. 

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Today’s Entertainment News in English 

Today´s entertainment news offers students a colourful mix of movies, music, and celebrity happenings. 

  1. ‘Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes’ Director/Producer on Creating a ‘Prequel and a Sequel’ to the Iconic Franchise: Although there were no credits in the movie ‘Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes’ this time but there definitely were hints to the upcoming project of the franchise that may excite the fans. 
  1. Five Marvel movies scheduled to release next year, Disney confirms: American film and television production company, Marvel Studios, is releasing five MCU movies in 2025, confirms Disney. The movies are already late, and some work is still in process. 

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Thought for the Day for Students

Start your day with an inspirational thought for the day for students. Believe in yourself and prepare to face challenges: 

School Assembly News Headlines

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Word of the Day 

Let us learn a new word of the day to improve your vocabulary and language skills: 

Word Meaning Sentence 
Magnanimous (Adjective) Noble and generous in spirit She should be magnanimous in victory. 
Majestic (Adjective) Having or displaying great dignity or nobility The Himalayas are truly majestic
Malevolent (Adjective) Wishing or appearing to wish evil to others The house is haunted by a malevolent spirit. 
Manipulate (Verb) Influence or control shrewdly or deviously She could manipulate anybody easily. 
Matrix (Noun) An enclosure within which something originates or develops GTA is the matrix of open-world games. 

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World Important Day on 11 May 2024 

Understand the significance of World Important Day and learn how to make a difference: 

  1. President Rajendra Prasad inaugurated the newly constructed Somnath Temple (1951) 

It was on 11 May 1951, that the first president of the Indian Republic Rajendra Prasad led the re-consecration ceremony of the lingam at the temple. 

  1. Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan  was elected the President of India (1962) 

On May 11, 1962, Radhakrishnan was elected the President, succeeding Rajendra Prasad, the nation’s first President. 

  1. The Pokhran II nuclear tests were conducted (1998) 

On 11 May 1998, the Shakti-I Nuclear Missile was successfully tested at the Indian Army’s Pokhran Test Range in Rajasthan. National Technology Day is celebrated on May 11th every year in India to recognise this. 

  1. The earliest surviving dated printed book is produced in China (868) 

This copy of the Diamond Sūtra in Chinese language, complete with a beautifully illustrated frontispiece, is the world’s earliest dated, printed book. It was produced on 11 May 868, according to the Western calendar. 

  1. British Prime Minister Spencer Perceval was assassinated (1812) 

In London, Spencer Perceval, prime minister of Britain since 1809, is shot to death by deranged businessman John Bellingham in the lobby of the House of Commons. Bellingham, who was inflamed by his failure to obtain government compensation for war debts incurred in Russia, gave himself up immediately. 

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