Today’s News Headlines in English for School Assembly: Check the Latest News of 20 March 2024

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20 March School Assembly News Headlines

20 March School Assembly News Headlines: The school assembly news headlines keep students informed about crucial National, International, and Sports events worldwide. It encourages the students with civic awareness through top national stories on business, science, and technology. The school enriches students’ vocabulary twice by Vocabulary of the Day and usage examples. It commemorates a significant Thought for the Day, its meaning, and Historical Events, cultivating an appreciation for the past to empower well-rounded, informed global citizens.

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Today’s National News Headlines in English for School Assembly

1. The National Commission for Women and the Railway Protection Force signed an MoU in New Delhi to prevent and combat human trafficking. Rekha Sharma, NCW Chairperson, stated that Railway Protection Force personnel play a crucial role in crimes against women and children, with 70% of human trafficking cases involving women and girls.

2. A Swiss organization, IQAir, ranked New Delhi as the world’s most polluted capital city for the fourth consecutive year since 2018, with its PM2.5 levels worsening from 89.1 micrograms per cubic meter in 2022 to 92.7 micrograms per cubic meter in 2023, according to the Air Quality Report 2023.

3. The Indian Air Force felicitated 19 prominent sportspersons, including cricketer Pulkit Narang and athletes Mohammad Nurhasan and Himanshu, for their outstanding performance at national and international sporting events. IAF Chief VR Chaudhari honored these sportspersons associated with the IAF at a function in New Delhi.

4. Bulgarian President Rumen Radev expressed gratitude to the Indian Navy for successfully carrying out a rescue operation on the hijacked Bulgarian ship, MV Rouen. In a social media post on March 18, President Radev thanked the Indian Navy for rescuing its crew, including 7 Bulgarian citizens.

5. The Ministry of External Affairs reaffirmed that Arunachal Pradesh is an integral part of India and rejected China’s claims. The Chinese Defence Ministry spokesman, Senior Colonel Zhang Xiaogang, stated that the southern part of Xizang (the Chinese name for Tibet) is an inherent part of China’s territory.

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School Assembly News Headlines International News

1. . Nvidia unveiled its flagship AI chip, the Blackwell B200, at the company’s annual developer conference. Nvidia claims the B200 chip is up to 30 times speedier than its previous chip, aiming to extend its dominance in the AI chip market.

2. Australia’s online safety regulator issued legal notices to Google, Meta, X, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Reddit, requiring them to explain what they are doing to protect people from violent extremists and terrorists, as they face tough questions over cyber extremism threats.

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School Assembly News Headlines Sports News

1. Hockey India named the 27-member Indian Men’s Team, led by Harmanpreet Singh and Vice Captained by Hardik Singh, for the upcoming Australia Tour starting on 6 April in Perth. The team will take on the hosts in a five-match series, with all games being played in Perth.

2. The Indian Olympic Association dissolved the ad-hoc committee for wrestling on Monday. The committee was formed in December last year after the sports ministry suspended the Wrestling Federation of India.

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Thought for the Day for Students

Let us understand the deeper meaning of today’s Thought of the Day for Students for School Assembly News Headlines:

“All of us do not have equal talent. But, all of us have an equal opportunity to develop our talents.¨ – APJ Abdul Kalam

Meaning: Not everyone is equally skilled, but everyone can improve their abilities. It means that while some people may be naturally talented, everyone has the same chance to get better at what they do. So, even if you are not born with a talent, you can still achieve great things through effort and practice. 

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Vocabulary of the Day

Dive into 5 vocabularies and their sentence structure for School Assembly News Headlines:

Word Meaning Sentence 
GregariousSociable or fond of the
company of others.
Sarah is a gregarious individual who enjoys attending social gatherings and meeting new people.
GallivantTo roam or move about in
search of pleasure or entertainment.
After finishing her exams, Jasmine decided to gallivant around Europe, exploring new cities and cultures.
GumptionInitiative, resourcefulness,
or common sense.
With his gumption and determination, John managed to start his own successful business despite facing numerous challenges.
GalvaniseTo shock or excite someone
into taking action.
The motivational speech by the coach galvanised the team, inspiring them to train harder for the upcoming match.
GratuitousGiven or done free of charge; unnecessary or uncalled for.The company provided gratuitous snacks and drinks during the conference to ensure the attendees felt appreciated.

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Important Day in the History 

Let us delve into 5 important days or events for school assembly news headlines on March 19 in the history of the world:

1. Discovery of America (1492)

Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas in 1492, initiating European exploration and colonization of the New World, forever altering global geography and trade routes.

2. The French Revolution (1789)

The French Revolution erupted in 1789, overthrowing the monarchy and sparking social upheaval, leading to the rise of democratic principles and modern nationalism.

3. Signing of Declaration of Independence (1776)

The signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776 declared the thirteen American colonies’ independence from British rule, laying the foundation for the United States of America.

4. Beginning of the Industrial Revolution (18th century)

The Industrial Revolution began in the late 18th century, ushering in a period of rapid technological advancements and socioeconomic transformations, shifting societies from agrarian to industrialized.

5.  NASA’s Apollo 11 mission (1969)

The Moon landing in 1969, achieved by NASA’s Apollo 11 mission, marked a monumental milestone in human history, demonstrating technological prowess and expanding humanity’s reach beyond Earth.

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