Tagore International School Nursery Admission 2024-25

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Tagore International School Vasant Vihar Nursery Admission 2023-24

Tagore International School, situated in Vasant Vihar, New Delhi is a privately owned international educational institution. It derives its name from Rabindranath Tagore and strives to provide an educational experience that is deeply rooted in the local environment while fostering connections to diverse global cultures. The school’s philosophy emphasises enjoyable learning and personalised education tailored to each student’s unique personality. The Tagore Education Society, established by Dr. Mrs Hari Sen and Mr Jitender Sen in 1964, oversees the operations of the school. Presently, Tagore International School has two campuses located East of Kailash and Vasant Vihar. If you wish to know the Tagore International Nursery admission process, then keep reading. 

About Tagore International School

Tagore International School is a privately-owned institution affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The school offers education from Nursery (age 3+) to Class XII and currently has an enrollment of 1850 students. Each class up to Class X is divided into three sections, accommodating approximately 40-45 students per section. For Classes XI and XII, the school has four sections: Science (medical), Science (non-medical), Commerce, and Humanities.  

In addition to maintaining a strong commitment to academic excellence, Tagore International School, Vasant Vihar, places great emphasis on preparing students for the challenges of the 21st century. This is achieved through integrating technology into the curriculum, fostering holistic development, promoting participation in extra- and co-curricular activities, and providing opportunities for international exposure. The school strives to provide a comprehensive educational experience that equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge for success in their future endeavours.

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School Bus Service

Before thinking of Tagore International Nursery admission, you need to be aware of the transport service that will be offered to your child. 

Please take note of the following guidelines regarding the school bus service: 

  1. Please refer to the school website to find the designated bus routes. 
  2. The buses will strictly follow the established routes and will not deviate from them.
  3. During the Nursery and KG dispersal at 11:45 AM, the buses will not operate on all routes. 
  4. If the school bus is not available in the afternoon, parents must provide a written confirmation detailing the alternative arrangements made for their child. 
  5. The availability of bus seats will determine whether students can utilize the bus facility or not.

Tagore International Nursery Admission Process 2024

The Tagore International Nursery admission forms are usually made available in the month of January every year. It should be noted that the admission forms have to be submitted along with the required application fee at the school office. The fee for Tagore International Nursery admission is collected only after the submission of the necessary documents. 

Tagore International School Vasant Vihar Nursery Admission 2023-24

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Documents Required for Tagore International Nursery Admission 2024

Here is a list of documents (self-attested) required for the Tagore International Nursery admission process:

  1. Date of Birth Certificate of the Child (issued by MCD, no Affidavit will be accepted) –  (photocopy self-attested)
  2. Proof of residence (any two photocopies self-attested): 

i. Ration Card 

ii. Driving License/ 

iii. Voter ID- Card

iv. Passport in the name of any of the parent/ child 

v. Aadhaar Card 

vi. Telephone bill (MTNL) 

vii. Electricity bill 

viii. Water bill 

ix. Registered Rent agreement / Registered Lease deed  

  1. Proof of alumnus status (if applicable) 
  2. Affidavit of the firstborn child (in Original) 
  3. Medical certificate and records of the child (only for children with special needs).
  4. Please ensure that you provide accurate information regarding the medical condition and special needs of the child in the application form. 
  5. It is essential to include a comprehensive medical report from a doctor or institute approved by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). 
  6. Attach a recent passport-sized photograph of the child and one each of the parents to the form. 
  7. If a guardian is submitting the application, please enclose the following documents: 

i. An authorization letter from the parent(s). 

ii. An affidavit from the parents, accompanied by attested photographs. 

iii. Proof of residence of the guardian (as mentioned in point number 2 above).

Failure to disclose the correct medical status will result in automatic disqualification of the child, even if admission has already been granted. In order to ensure the Tagore International Nursery admission without any hassle, you should be ready with the listed documents. 

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School Emblem

The emblem of Tagore International School consists of the letters T, I, and S. The central letter “I” symbolizes a vibrant flame, representing eternal knowledge. This flame is surrounded by the letter “T,” which forms the arms and legs of a child who is always enthusiastic in their pursuit of knowledge, referred to as “Vidya.” Just as the candle’s light strives to reach the stars, the child within the emblem continuously strives for excellence. Additionally, the school pledge, “Aham Yogya Asmi,” has been formulated to foster confidence and a forward-thinking mindset among the students.

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In addition to its dedication to academic excellence and co-curricular activities, the school tirelessly endeavours to nurture responsible and admirable individuals. Its continuous efforts in this regard have garnered recognition and prestigious accolades. The commendations received from notable personalities and organizations, coupled with words of appreciation, serve as inspiration to continually strive for improvement.

Let’s have a look at some of the school’s accomplishments:

Top 20 Best Schools of the Year Award 2023

During extensive research conducted by Brand Honchos Media on more than 300 schools, Tagore International School was honoured as one of the “Top 20 Best Schools of the Year 2023”. The prestigious award was bestowed upon it at the renowned Indian Education “Edtech Summit” Awards 2023, which took place on January 20, 2023. Ms Niela Hariharan had the privilege of receiving the award on behalf of the school. This recognition serves as a testament to the school’s commitment to providing quality education and its continuous efforts to excel in the field of education.

Annual MHW School Rankings 2022: TIS, VV in Diamond Band

In the 2022 Annual MHW School Rankings, Tagore International School in Vasant Vihar has gained prominence for its dedication to prioritizing mental health and well-being among its students and staff. According to a survey conducted by Reimagine Inc., the school has been positioned among the top twenty-one educational institutions nationwide in the esteemed Diamond Band category.

Tagore International School follows a holistic approach that emphasizes both academic and non-academic knowledge, incorporating elements of joy and happiness to create a productive and enjoyable learning environment for its students. Evaluating the happiness index of a school campus is a multifaceted task, involving various interconnected factors. Reimagine Inc., a digital nonprofit organization focused on mental well-being, asserts that while happiness may be subjective and relative, it can still be measured.

The commendation received by Tagore International School recognizes its commitment to providing education that values and nurtures life skills and overall well-being. 

Zero Waste School Award

Additionally, the school has proudly announced its achievement of the Zero Waste School Award in the Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Category. Out of 54 applications received nationwide, Tagore International School was selected as the distinguished winner by the International Council for Circular Economy (ICEF 2022).

The award acknowledges the school’s exceptional efforts in waste management practices, environmental initiatives, and implementation of a new curriculum for teachers and students, as well as the training initiatives conducted by the Eco Club. Tagore International School, Vasant Vihar, has been highly praised for its dedication to addressing climate change through inclusive education, innovative initiatives, and notable achievements in the circular economy.

Brainfeed School Excellence Award 2021-22

In a ceremony held in Hyderabad on April 6, 2022, the school was honoured to receive the Brainfeed School Excellence Award 2021-22, recognizing it as one of the top 500 schools in India. The esteemed jury of the Brainfeed School Excellence Awards acknowledged it for its outstanding pedagogical practices and notable achievements. 

They unanimously selected Tagore International School as the most deserving recipient of this prestigious award. The school triumphed based on the specified criteria, which highlighted its ability to transform education and inspire young minds through a diverse range of initiatives and dedicated efforts.

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What are the age criteria for admission to Tagore International School? 

The age criteria for admission is as follows: 
Nursery: 3-4 years as of 31st March of that year 
Kindergarten: 4-5 years as of 31st March of that year 
1st class: 5-6 years as of 31st March of that year.

Is the meal facility offered by Tagore International School, Delhi? 

The school offers a proper lunch break but students need to bring their own meals.

Does Tagore International School take proper measures for the security of children? 

Yes, the school says that the safety of the children is its primary responsibility.

This was everything related to Tagore International Nursery Admission 2024. If you wish to learn more about High School Admissions in India then visit our school education page.

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