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speech about life

‘Life is a beautiful journey, where we see many ups and downs. Life teaches us important lessons, such as taking care of our health, focusing on our goals, spending time with family and friends, respecting everyone, etc. The most important thing is to enjoy your life, be happy and learn.’

Life is a precious gift and each moment is equally important; whether it’s about preparing for school exams, taking care of health and family, or enjoying out with friends. Even in times of difficulty, life teaches us some important lessons. There is a famous saying, ‘Those who forget History tend to repeat it.’ A person learns from his and others’ mistakes and improves his life.

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2-Minute Speech About Life

‘Good morning Principal Sir, teachers, and my dear friends. Today, I stand before you to present my speech about life. We all want a successful life so that we can live a happy and material life. But, what is the meaning of life? Is life only about happiness, joy, and materialistic things?’

Meaning of Happy Life

‘Happiness and material needs are our desires offered by life as a reward for our hard work and luck. Life is a challenging journey with a lot of difficulties. Sometimes there are clouds of darkness, lost in shadows. However, even in times like these, life teaches us to discover our inner strength, resilience, and the capacity to emerge into the light with newfound wisdom and growth.’

Purpose of Life

Everybody has a purpose in their lives and to fulfill them, we have to fight our own battles. We have to study hard to succeed in exams, practice deliberately to win a competition, etc. Life is challenging, but that is what makes life so special. 

Edmund Hillary and Tibetan mountaineer Tenzing Norgay, the first persons to climb the highest mountain peak, Mount Everest, failed 6 times. He, along with Edmund Hillary, finally climbed to the top of the Everest in their 7th attempt. They knew about the challenges and difficulties that would come in their mission, but they still did the impossible.’

The happiness after completing a difficult task is immensely gratifying, a triumphant blend of accomplishment, relief, and the satisfaction that comes from conquering challenges. This is what life is about. With every challenge, there is an opportunity to learn something new. 


Life is a beautiful journey and we must be grateful for the precious moments life offers us. Remember, we only have one life. It’s a journey you would not want to miss, so embrace it and learn from it.

Thank you.’

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Speech About Life for Students

‘Good morning my teacher and dear friend. Today, I would like to share my thoughts through a speech about life. Our life is like a blank canvas, which we wish to dye in colours of our own choice. Easier said than done, right?’ 

‘Here is what I have learned about life: ‘Take up one idea, make that idea your life. Dream of it, think of it and live on that idea. Let your brain, the body, the muscles, the nerves, and every inch of your body be full of that idea and just leave everything behind. This is the way to a successful life.’

Life is a Journey and Not a Destination

We all have read the quote, ‘Life is a journey and not a destination’. But what is the meaning of this quote about life? It means that life is a continuous process of growth, experience, and learning. Life is not an endpoint.’ 

Life is a precious gift, as each moment carries an opportunity to learn and grow. There is a very popular saying: ‘When one door closes, two others open.’.It means that life is full of opportunities and even in times of adversity, there is a path to success and happiness.’


Being happy and feeling sad is part of life, but how we react is more important. Life is God’s blessing. God is the creator and destroyer of life. God has created everything perfectly. Therefore, we must embrace this precious life God has gifted us and make it worth living. Staying positive and working hard are the only options that can make our lives successful and happy.

Thank you.’

Source: Motivation Ark

Top 10 Lines to Add in Speech About Life

10 Lines Speech About Life

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Q.1. What is a life-short speech?

Ans: Life is a beautiful journey, where we see many ups and downs. Life teaches us important lessons like we all have only one life, live a life worth remembering, everything is possible, empathy, perseverance, etc. The most important thing is to enjoy your life, be happy and learn.’

Q.2. How do I start a speech about my life?

Ans: Start by greeting your audience. For example; ‘Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Today I stand before you to present a speech about my life.’

Q.3. Is life a good topic for a speech?

Ans: Life is one of the best speech topics for students, as it helps them understand the reality of life and how they can turn their challenges into opportunities to lead a successful life. Speech about life can help you understand why there are ups and downs in life and why failure is an important part of life.

Q.4. What are some life goals for students?

Ans: Academic achievement, personal growth, career development, health and wealth, financial responsibility, etc. are some of the life goals for students.

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