CBSE Board Result 2024: Tips for Parents

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CBSE Board Result 2023 Tips for Parents

The CBSE Board Result 2024 will be out after the exams are concluded all over the country. This is a crucial time for both students and their parents The latter act as a pillar of support for their children in every stage of life. Along with the same, confusion and questions related to future aspects also worry the parents. This is because this is the time that choices and decisions regarding course selection and what field the student might pursue come into question. So how does one move forward? With the time of anticipation at its peak, we have collected some tips for parents that shall surely be of use. Read this blog on CBSE Board Result 2024 tips for parents till the end to know more! 

Best Ways for Parents to Motivate Their Child 

One of the most important things to consider during exam season is to look after the motivation level of students. This is because while preparing for exams and taking them is highly stressful, awaiting exam results is equally nerve-wracking. How can parents keep their children motivated in this case? Learn below. 

  1. Make sure you use the right words with your children so that you don’t end up degrading their self-esteem. 
  2. Do not compare your children to others. 
  3. Remind your children of their accomplishments and their efforts. 
  4. Make sure your children feel loved and taken care of. 
  5. Draw out short-term plans, and goals, in case things don’t work out as expected. 
  6. Assure your children of the trust you have in them. 

How to Help Your Child in Course Selection?

Once the CBSE Board Resul 2024 are out, the next step is to select the course that is eligible for your child, as well as that aligns with future prospects and your child’s preferences. Read the tips below to help your child in course selection. 

  1. Sit with your child and analyse what your child’s dreams and ambitions are. Research ways to follow that path that reaps the best benefits for your child. 
  2. Analyse if your child enjoys academic research or more practical and creative fields. 
  3. Look at the subjects your child has enjoyed the most in school and how well they have performed in those subjects. 
  4. Help your child in expressing their opinion, and choice. Then, ask around and research on your own what course could fit your child the best, and share your options with your child thereafter. 
  5. Make sure your child does not feel pressured with your choices.

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How to Help Your Child in College Selection?

College selection is as important as course selection. Some of the tips to help your child in college selection are mentioned below. 

  1. First, make sure you know that the college you select has all the resources to support your child and their needs. For example, if your child requires certain needs and support, then the college must have the provision and inclusive space for the same. 
  2. Pay special attention to the crowd and environment of the college. 
  3. Understand your child’s learning style and needs. If your child is more active in extracurricular activities, and/or sports, then prefer colleges that are more active in these spheres. 
  4. Look at the college’s potential in terms of its faculty and career prospects that align with your child’s course selection. You wouldn’t choose a university which is known for its humanities, for a STEM course. 
  5. Help your child in simplifying the admissions and selection process of their preferred college. 

What to Do if Your Child Fails to Clear CBSE Board Exam 2024?

Now, god forbid your child fails to clear the CBSE board exam 2024. What next? How can you support your child? Look at the tips below. 

  1. First and foremost, make sure you do not put the blame on your child. 
  2. Communicate with your child about their feelings and their struggles. 
  3. When you support your child emotionally, you can then think of the further steps you can take for your child. 
  4. Remind yourself and your child that this is not the end. Apply for re-examination for the subjects your child was not cleared in as soon as you can. 
  5. You can enrol your child in CBSE’s open school, or National Institute of Open Schooling
  6. Help your child prepare for entrance examinations, other certifications or diplomas that can help them return to their desired path. 
  7. Help your child pursue courses that build their skills; such as web designing, digital marketing, etc. 

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How can parents help their children after the CBSE results?

Parents play a major role in helping their children during the examination and post-examination phases. From which stream to study to the name of the college, parents can help their child with all the required and necessary information. Moreover, parents are the source of financial and moral support for their children.

How to deal with parents on the result day?

Being honest and accepting mistakes is the best thing you can do on the result day. Even if you have not scored satisfying marks, your parents be happy to see how proudly you told them everything.

How can parents help their child in college selection?

Parents must ensure that they have knowledge about their child’s academic background and interests. If the child requires certain needs and support, then the college must have the provision and inclusive space for the same. Pay special attention to the crowd and environment of the college.

Well, that was all about the Tips for Parents who are awaiting, alongside their children, for CBSE Board Result 2024. We have covered all the major points under CBSE Board Result 2024 Tips for Parents. For more such information and related articles, keep reading at Leverage Edu!

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