Introducing Yourself in English for Beginners

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Introducing Yourself in English for Beginners

“Tell Me About Yourself” is a question that always comes up whenever you are in an interview or in a meeting. This question can make the candidates anxious and especially if you are a beginner. Check out this blog to get tips on introducing yourself in English for beginners.

The meaning of Self Introduction is when you introduce yourself to a group of people during an interview or a formal meeting. While introducing yourself in an interview or a meeting, you have to mention all the details about yourself such as family background, qualifications, and much more.

In the below-mentioned article, the candidates will get to know the complete information about self-introduction, tips for self-introduction in English for Beginners and an example of introduction in English for Beginners.

Self Introduction in English for Beginners: Tips

If you are a beginner and are going for an interview for the first time and don’t know how to give a self-introduction in English then below mentioned are the tips which will help you a lot while giving the introduction:

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Understand the situation

Before giving the introduction, understand the situation and what kind of introduction you will use. Don’t prepare the same self-introduction which is suitable for all types of circumstances or jobs.

Keep it short and simple

While introducing yourself, it is important to get to the point quickly. Keep your self-introduction short and simple. The interviewer wants to know about your background, not the whole story.

Include Important Information

When you are giving your self-introduction, mention important information such as your school and college education, professional experience (if any), any year gap (if any) and internships or training that you might have completed. Don’t share the information which is not required or asked during the interview.

Speak Slowly and Clearly

While giving your self-introduction, don’t be in a hurry. Speak slowly and clearly and also extend on different points if you are keeping your introduction short and simple.No one likes to hear you when you are speaking too fast about every single detail of your life.

Practice Self Introduction

In an interview or meeting, the first thing you do is introduce yourself. Practice self-introduction before going for a job interview or a meeting which will give you a clear idea that how and what you have to say in the self-introduction.

Use of correct grammar

In self-introduction, if you are talking about yourself then you must use the simple present tense. If you are talking about your past experiences or what things you have done then, use the present perfect tense.

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Example of Self Introduction in English for Beginners

“Hi, I am (name), a (graduation degree) from (city name). I have been living in (city) since I graduated from (university/college), (city name), in (year).

My father is a (mention his profession), and my mother a (mention her profession). I have a small/big loving family.

In the past few months, I have enrolled myself in business accounting and taxation courses and learnt software like Tally and QuickBooks. I believe that I gained real-world skills during my 6-month internship at the XYZ company.

Other than my studies, I love doing (hobbies), and I am an active member of the local drama club.”

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