CBSE Date Sheet 2024 for Class 10 and 12 Out Download PDF

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CBSE Date Sheet 2024

CBSE Date Sheet 2024 has been announced. The board has decided to conduct the 10th and 12th board exams within a timeline of 55 days. The first paper for each class will be conducted on 15 February 2024. Further, the Class 10 exam will conclude on 13 March 2024 and the Class 12 will end on 2 April 2024. These dates are for theoretical exams for both classes. Besides, the practical exam is expected to start in the first week of January. 

Download Class 10 CBSE Datesheet 2024 Here!!

Download Class 12 CBSE Datesheet 2024 Here!!

Download CBSE Class 10 Syllabus Here!!

Download CBSE Class 12 Syllabus Here!!

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CBSE Date Sheet 2024 Notification

Here is the CBSE notification for Class 10. 

CBSE Datesheet 2024 | Board Exam Date 2024
Source: CBSE

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Class 10 CBSE Date Sheet 2024

CBSE has announced the exam window for Class 10 Board Exam 2024. As per the notification of the education board, exams will be held in the month of February, March, and April. CBSE 10th Board Exam will start on the 15 of February 2024 and conclude on 4 April 2024. 

However, the Central Board of Secondary Examination has released the date for each subject. To help you prepare for the exam systematically, we provided dates for each subject in CBSE Class 10. 

SubjectsExam Dates
Thai, Tamang, Sherpa, Rai, Gurung, Painting15 February 2024
Vocational Subjects: Retail, Security, Automotive, Introduction to Finance Markets, Introduction to Tourism, Beauty & Wellness, Agriculture, Food Production, Front Office Operations, Banking & Insurance, Marketing & Sales, Apparel, Multi-Media, Physical Activity Trainer, Data Science, Electronics and Hardware, Design Thinking and Innovation16 February 2024
Hindustani Music (Vocal), Hindustani Music (Instrumental), Elements of Book Keeping & Accountancy17 February 2024
Regional Language19 February 2024
Hindi Language21 February 2024
NCC, Regional Language, Foreign Language23 February 2024
Regional Language24 February 2024
English26 February 2024
Health care, Elements of Business28 February 2024
Science2 March 2024
Tibetan, Home Science, Multi Skill Foundation Course4 March 2024
Foreign Language5 March 2024
Social Science7 March 2024
Mathematics11 March 2024
Computer Applications, Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology13 March 2024
Class 10 CBSE Exam Datesheet 2024
Class 10 CBSE Exam Datesheet 2024 (2)
Class 10 CBSE Exam Datesheet 2024 (3)
Class 10 CBSE Exam Datesheet 2024 (4)
Class 10 CBSE Exam Datesheet 2024 (5)

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Class 12 CBSE Date Sheet 2024

The central education board has also announced the Class 12 CBSE Date Sheet 2024. As per CBSE, the 12th exam will start on 15 February 2024. The last date for the Class 12 exam is 2 April 2024.

As of now, a detailed Class 12 CBSE timetable has not been released. However, to help you prepare well, we have given the tentative schedule for this upcoming examination. 

Subject NameExam Date (Tentative)
Entrepreneurship15 February 2024
Engineering Graphics, Food Nutrition and Dietetics, Electronics Technology, Library and Information Science, Shorthand 19 February 2024
Manipuri, Kathak, Odissi, Banking, Bharatnatyam, Kathakali, Kuchipudi, Horticulture21 February 2024
Hindi Elective and Core24 February 2024
Artificial Intelligence, Early Childhood Care26 February 2024
Data Science, Food Production, Design, Office Procedure and Practice29 February 2024
Music2 March 2024
English Elective and Core4 March 2024
Multimedia, Retail, Agriculture9 March 2024
Chemistry11 March 2024
Tektite Design, Bengali, Typography, Financial Markets Management, Medical Diagnostics13 March 2024
Geography15 March 2024
Yoga18 March 2024
Hindustani Music Vocal20 March 2024
Physics21 March 2024
Legal Studies23 March 2024
Language25 March 2024
Mathematics27 March 2024
Physical Education29 March 2024
Biology, Fashion Studies30 March 2024
Economics1 April 2024
Applied Art, Painting, Sculpture, Graphics2 April 2024
Political Science4 April 2024
Computer Science, Information Practices5 April 2024
Business Administration, Business Studies7 April 2024
History8 April 2024
Accountancy9 April 2024
Home Science 11 April 2024
Sociology11 April 2024
Psychology12 April 2024
CBSE Class 12 Datesheet 2024 (1)
CBSE Class 12 Datesheet 2024 (2)
CBSE Class 12 Datesheet 2024 (3)
CBSE Class 12 Datesheet 2024 (4)
CBSE Class 12 Datesheet 2024 (5)
CBSE Class 12 Datesheet 2024 (6)

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Q.1. Is CBSE Date Sheet 2024 out?

Ans: Yes, the 10th and 12th timetables for 2024 have been released.

Q.2. When will the Class 12 board practical exam start?

Ans: Practical exams are expected to start in the first week of January 2024.

Q.3. When will CBSE 10th board 2024 start?

Ans: CBSE Class 10 board 2024 will start on 15 February 2024.

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