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essay on green energy

Essay on Green Energy: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in his COP21 Summit, ‘Today, when the energy sources and excesses of our industrial age have put our planet in peril, the world must turn to the Sun to power our future.’

The urgency of climate change makes the transition to suitable energy imperative. Green energy, encompassing biomass, solar, wind, and hydropower, offers hope in our environmental battle and promises innovation. This essay highlights renewable energy’s critical role in preserving our planet and foresees societal and economic benefits that could reshape our global landscape. Supporting green energy is vital for securing a sustainable future, especially for us as the next generation inheriting this earth. 

Essay on Green Energy in 150 Words

Green energy refers to sustainable energy sources that have minimal impact on the environment, such as solar, wind, hydro, and biomass. These sources are essential for environmental preservation since they contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases and the fight against climate change. Solar energy harnesses sunlight, converting it into electricity through solar panels, which can power homes and businesses. 

Wind energy captures air currents using turbines to generate power, often in large wind farms. Many nations continue to depend heavily on hydroelectric power, which is produced by flowing water and provides a clean and reliable energy source. In the meantime, biomass energy uses organic materials to create fuel, such as manure and plant waste.

Investing in green energy is not only beneficial for the planet but also economically advantageous. It creates jobs in new industries and reduces dependence on fossil fuels, which are volatile in price and supply. As students and future leaders, embracing and promoting green energy is crucial for sustainable development and ensuring a healthier planet for generations to come.
Green Energy Essay

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Essay on Green Energy in 250 Words

Green energy is a vital answer in an era of environmental turmoil. Originating from renewable resources such as sunshine, wind, and water, it mitigates climate change and reduces our carbon footprint. Green energy is a clean substitute for fossil fuels, which are limited and emit pollutants.
Solar energy, which uses solar panels to collect solar radiation and produce power without generating any emissions, is one of the most readily available energy sources. Both rooftops and big solar farms can use it.

Wind energy converts the power of the wind into electrical energy by the use of turbines. Wind farms are another clean and renewable energy source that can be found offshore or onshore in windy areas.

Hydroelectric power is a well-known technique that generates electricity from the flow of water. Hydro dams produce clean energy without producing any dangerous consequences by using the movement of the water to power turbines.

Sustainably managed biomass energy is considered renewable, despite some emissions. It converts organic resources into energy using a range of methods, including wood chips and plant waste.

In addition to being good for the environment, switching to green energy is also profitable. Investing in renewable energy sources lowers long-term energy costs, boosts employment, and decreases dependency on foreign fuels.  To create a sustainable future and a better planet for future generations, students and future leaders must understand and embrace green energy.

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PDF on Green Energy

Green Energy PDF
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Q.1 What is green energy short paragraph?

A.1 Renewable energy, like that found in the sun, is referred to as green energy. Clean energy is defined as energy that doesn’t discharge pollutants into the atmosphere, and renewable energy is derived from energy sources like solar, wind, or hydropower that are continuously replenished.

Q.2 Why is green energy important?

A.2 Utilising renewable energy has both environmental and financial advantages. It generates electricity without emitting greenhouse gases like fossil fuels, and it lessens some forms of air pollution. Decreasing reliance on imported fuels and diversifying the energy source.

Q.3 Why is green energy called green energy?

A.3 Renewable energy is produced using natural resources such as sunshine, wind, and water. The term “clean energy” or “green power” is also used to describe renewable energy since it doesn’t contaminate the air or water.

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