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Life in metropolitan cities can be exciting, exhilarating, and luxurious. However, it can be equally tiring as well. On the other hand, life in the countryside is all about simplicity, comfort, and traditions. Learning about the socio-cultural aspects and living styles of rural areas is always an area of interest for school students. So, if you ever need help writing an essay on my village, here are a few samples to get inspired. 

Essay On My Village (In 100 words) 

I have never seen someplace more beautiful than my village. Located in Himachal, my village is a small, beautiful, and quiet abode. There are around 100 people living in my village. The majority of the population’s occupation is farming and trading whereas a few people work as teachers in government schools. 

During summer, villagers grow different crops such as paddy and corn along with vegetables like pepper, tomatoes, and cucumber. Moreover, every house in the village has a number of mango trees on which birds build their delicate homes. Every festival is celebrated with love and harmony among the villagers. The harvest is later distributed among friends and family with homemade sweets and snacks. 

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Essay On My Village (In 200 words) 

I live in a small village in Himachal Pradesh which is surrounded by dense forests. There are about 50 houses and the majority of the population is engaged in farming and labouring. Different crops, fruits, vegetables, and flowers are grown throughout the season which amplifies the natural beauty of my hometown. 


At the center of the village is a small school which helps students to get education without traveling far. Anyone can enroll their children and access the boon of education. The classes are nicely decorated with posters and crafts made by school students. Apart from this, there is also a post office and hospital where villagers can get treatment for their illnesses. 

My village also has a huge playground with swings where me and my friends spend time in the evening. Sellers from different parts of the country travel from my village and sell different things. This helps villagers to buy blankets, food grains, toys, clothes, and household items without going to markets. 

The best part about my village is that the people living there are amazing. They support you in every situation, extend help during festival preparations and weddings, and even offer homemade delicacies. Living in villages is truly a blessing. 

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Essay On My Village (In 400 words)

My village which is nestled amidst huge mountains and evergreen lush beauty, is a picturesque haven. Living here has transformed my life in unimaginable ways. It is a beautiful place where time often seems to stand still, where the love for heritage and culture coexists with nature’s beauty. 

Description of my village

I live in a small village. Although I have not traveled much, it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Owing to its lush forest mountains, big trees with fruits, and beautiful flower bushes, my village feels like heaven on earth. It offers peace to the soul of a traveler and calms the mind with the chirping of rare birds. Moreover, the village is further blessed with a river that gracefully flows through the canvas of nature, painting it in its pure color.

The flora and fauna of my village is the best example of nature’s unspoiled beauty. Despite being home to different animals and humans, it has remained a magnificent view. Villagers often come across rabbits, deer, wild boars, and cows. 

Tight-knit Relationships

In my village, almost every family knows one another and there is a shared feeling of community. People trust each other and have maintained cordial relationships for the past many years. Villagers work together to maintain facilities like the village school, hospital, and roads. During the harvest season, men help each other to reap crops and store them properly for the future. Similarly, women help each other to cook food in massive amounts during weddings and other celebrations.  

Cultural Heritage

My village and the people living in it take great pride in preserving and boasting the cultural heritage. Art forms such as folk music and folk dance are passed down through generations. People of all ages celebrate every big and small occasion with great enthusiasm. One of the best parts about living in a village is the annual carnivals which often take place during Navratri and Diwali. While children get to enjoy delicious food and amazing rides, elders participate in different activities to win prizes. 

My village is a small and peaceful region of beauty and community spirit. While the world appears to move at a fast pace, the tranquility of my village shocks travelers. It has and continues to shape my ideals and identity like nothing else. My village is definitely a timeless treasure and my favorite place to be on this earth.


How can I write an essay about my village?

To write an essay about my village, you can list its location, population, main source of income, infrastructure, and other small details. This will give your essay a unique perspective.

What is a village in a short note?

In simple words, a village is generally used to refer to a small settlement of people, usually found in a rural setting. It is less developed than big cities and has less population.

What are 10 things found in a village?

The 10 things found in a village include rivers, rocks, huts, bullock carts, fields, ponds, buckets, humans, birds, and animals.

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