Write a Letter to Your Friend About Arranging a Get Together: Check Format and Samples

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Write a Letter to Your Friend About Arranging a Get Together

In this letter writing samples on the topic of writing a letter to your friend about arranging a get-together, you will find two sample plans for a fun-filled day. The first one is completed with a picnic and visit to an amusement park, the latter is about movie night and sleepover. Let’s proceed. These will help you score well in your English exams. 

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Write a Letter to Your Friend About Arranging a Get Together: Check Format

Write a Letter to Your Friend About Arranging a Get Together

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Write a Letter to Your Friend About Arranging a Get Together: Sample 1

B-Block, Sector 33
Rajasthan – 110989

12 February 2024

Dear Pooja,

How have you been, my dear friend? It feels like ages since we have had a proper catch-up session. Life has been a bit fast lately, but I am determined to carve out some quality time for us to reconnect and have some good time for fun.

I have a perfect idea for our next get-together which consists of a movie night followed by a sleepover at my place. We can make it just like our days when we were teenagers. Wearing cosy pyjamas, endless snacks, and plenty of opportunities for heart-to-heart and remembering about our childhood. 

As per plan, the first thing that we have to do is to pick a perfect movie. I am open to suggestions, but I was thinking we could go for a classic romantic comedy. You know how much I love good love stories with all the special lines and songs. 

Or, if you are in the mood for something a little more action-packed, we could go for a Marvel movie instead. Furthermore, I will make sure to stock up on all the essential movie-watching snacks such as popcorn, cold drinks, candy, and chips.

Once we are settled on the movies, you can come over around 7 pm on Saturday. That will give us plenty of time to get comfortable and situate ourselves in the living room. I will make sure to have a cosy blanket and plenty of pillows ready for us to snuggle up on the couch.

As the movie plays, we can indulge in our snacks and catch up on everything that has been happening in our lives. I want to hear all about your new school, friends, career prospects and juicy gossip you have been holding back. And in the middle of the movie, no sleepover is complete without some good old-fashioned pillow fights and silly games. 

Pooja, I cannot express how much I have missed these simple yet cherished moments with you. Our friendship has been a constant source of joy and comfort in my life and I am so grateful to have you by my side through thick and thin.

So, what do you say? Are you ready to turn back and live those childhood days again, at least for one night? Let me know if Saturday works for you, and we will make it an evening to remember.

With lots of love and excitement,

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Write a Letter to Your Friend About Arranging a Get Together: Sample 2

House No 12 B, 
Sushant Golf City
Mohaan Road, 
Lucknow – 229890

11 February 2024

Dear Ridhima,

It has been way too long since we last hung out, and I have been craving some quality friend time. I have the perfect idea for a fun-filled day that will make up for all the days of fun that we missed out on. How does a picnic followed by a trip to the amusement park go? I am already getting excited just thinking about our visit to an amusement park for our get-together.

Let us start with the picnic. I was thinking we could pack a basket with all our favourite snacks and treats too. I will cook delicious pasta and snacks that you love, and you can bring your famous double chocolate chip cookies. We can also grab some fresh fruit, a couple of sandwiches, and maybe even a cold coffee to keep us refreshed.

As for the location, what do you think about heading to that Dream World Amusement Park located on Kanpur Road? The park with huge swings and fun activities is perfect for rejoicing again in the old memories. Furthermore, the lovely park with the huge shady trees is the perfect spot for having our favorite eatables.

After we have had our fill of food and gossip, we can pack up and head to the amusement park. I have been dying to go back there since they added that new roller coaster. I have heard that it is an absolute thrill ride with loops and drops that will leave us screaming our heads off.

If in case you aren’t comfortable with the ride then we can hit up the other rides too. There is a haunted house, carnival games, and many more mood-refreshing and exciting games. We will be spending our half-day in winning the prizes that will surely excite us more than anything else.
In the end, we can cap off the night by grabbing some cotton candy and cakes. I am already excited at the thought of that strawberry flavored melting in my mouth.

So, what do you say, Ridhima? Are you up for a picnic and amusement park adventure this weekend? Let me know when you are free, and we will make it happen. I can’t wait to create some new memories with my best friend.

Miss you tons,

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1. How do you write an informal letter for Class 7?

Ans. In an informal letter for Class 7, you can use a friendly and casual tone. For the sample, you can address the name of the recipient by their first name and skip the formal salutations and closings. Focus on conveying the matter of the subject conversationally.

2. How to write a letter to your friend?

Ans. To write a letter to your friend, start with a friendly greeting, use and an informal and conversational tone. Don’t forget to share the latest updates and news related to your friend´s life. In the end close the letter with a warm closing.

3. Do we write the receiver’s address in the informal letter?

Ans. No, you do not need to write the receiver’s address in an informal letter to a friend.

4. Do we write full names in informal letters? 

Ans. In an informal letter, you can use the first name of the person. Writing the full name is not necessary. 

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