Ideas for Holiday Homework for Class 3 Computer

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Holiday Homework for Class 3 Computer

As the summer holiday approaches, it gives students a chance to relax, refresh, and spend quality time with loved ones. However, it is also a valuable time to learn new things outside the classroom. To balance both relaxation and learning, we have designed computer holiday homework ideas for Class 3 students. In this section, we’ll look at activities like Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Fill-in-the-blanks, short and long-answer questions, and projects to keep you engaged and intellectually active during the break. 

Computer Holiday Homework for Class 3

Check out the ideas for holiday homework for class 3 computer students 

1. Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

1.1. What is the main part of the computer that processes data and runs programmes?

– Monitor
– Keyboard
– Mouse

1.2. Which device is used to point and click on items on the screen?
– Keyboard
– Mouse
– Printer
– Speaker

1.3. Which of the following is used to store data permanently?
– Hard Drive
– Processor

1.4. Which of these is a type of software?
– Keyboard
– Operating System
– Monitor
– Mouse

1.5. Which part of the computer displays the output?
 – Keyboard
– Monitor
– Mouse

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2. Short Questions

1. What does ‘CPU’ stand for?
2. Name two input devices.
3. What is the purpose of an operating system?
4. What does ‘RAM’ stand for and what is its purpose?
5. What is a computer network?

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3. Match the terms to their correct definitions.

a) Monitor1. Prints documents
b) Keyboard2. Visual display screen
c) Printer3. Main processing unit
d) Mouse4. Inputs text and commands
e) CPU5. Pointing device used with GUI

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4. True or False

1. A monitor is an input device. (True/False)                                                          
2. The CPU is sometimes called the brain of the computer. (True/False)  
3. RAM stores data permanently, even when the computer is turned off. (True/False)  
4. A mouse can be used to type letters. (True/False)  
5. An operating system is hardware. (True/False)  

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5. Fill in the blanks

Holiday Homework for Class 3 Computer

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5. Exercise

1. Create a Digital Poster: Use a drawing or graphic design program to create a digital poster about the different parts of a computer. Include at least five parts (e.g., monitor, CPU, keyboard, mouse, printer) and describe their functions. Be creative with colours and images to make your poster interesting and informative.

2. Create a digital storybook using easy presentation software such as PowerPoint or Google Slides. Students can create a short story, add graphics with digital drawing tools, and use animations or transitions between presentations. They can then share their storybook with the class or family members.


Q.1. Why are the computer activities important for students?

Ans: Computer activities are important for students as they help them understand the workings of computers and their importance in daily life.

Q.2. What is a computer for class 2nd?

Ans: A computer is an electronic device that is used for storing and processing information. There are a lot of interesting facts to learn about computers, along with their functions.

Q.3. How is a computer useful to children?

Ans: A computer can be used to educate the students. They can learn about various subjects and skills from the computer. Apart from studies, it can be used for the entertainment of the kids There are various ways to entertain children with computers, like playing video games that develop their cognitive skills and watching interesting films that teach them new things about the world.

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