Engaging Ideas for Holiday Homework for Class 1 Science 

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Holiday Homework for Class 1 Science

For the students in class 1, holiday homework should be fun and engaging and at the same time, it should encourage learning too. So, keeping that in mind, we are providing creative and fun ideas for holiday homework for Class 1 Science. These ideas will allow students to access their creative side while still learning a lot of important concepts. So, to know more about these ideas, keep reading this blog! 

Holiday Homework for Class 1 Science 

1. Fun with Magnets

Holiday Homework for Class 1 Science

Find a magnet. Then, from your house, collect different items like paper clips, coins, etc., and create a chart or table mentioning which items stick to the magnet and which items do not. 

2. Tracking the Shadow

Holiday Homework for Class 1 Science

Take a paper. From a piece of cardboard, cut out a triangle. Now paste the triangle in the middle of the paper. Now, put it in the sun and mark the location of the shadow and its length throughout the day. 

3. Mosaic from Recycled Materials

Search for and find recycled materials like magazines, water bottles, bottle caps, etc., and make a mosaic on chart paper using the same. 

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4. Creating a Habitat

Search for where different animals live and from your own choice, create a habitat for one of them inside a shoe box. 

5. Kitchen Science

Get vinegar and baking soda with the help of your parents. Then, in a glass, add baking soda to vinegar and observe the reaction. Take photographs of the same, paste them in a copy, and mention the name of the gas that is released during the reaction. 

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6. Weather Observation

For one week, observe the weather on a daily basis and create drawings in an art book of how the sky looks each day. Below it, mention that day’s temperature and weather conditions. 

7. Growing Sprouts

Take a small bowl and fill it with cotton. Then sow the seeds of sprouts in the same. Daily observe the growth of sprouts, take photos of the same, and paste them in a copy. 


Q.1. How can I make my holiday interesting?

Ans: You can make your holiday homework interesting by adding different elements to it, like photographs and decorative materials like mirrors, paints, glitter, etc.

Q.2. What to do on a boring holiday?

Ans: There are a lot of things that you can do on a holiday. You can go out for a walk, you can play sports, or you can do a workout at home. There are a lot of hobbies that can be developed during the holidays, like arts and crafts, roller skating, learning guitar, etc.

Q.3. How do I make my holiday homework creative?

Ans: Holiday homework can be made creative by adding different elements like mirrors, photographs, or drawing sketches and diagrams related to the project. You can also use graffiti in the titles of your projects.

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To refer to interesting ideas related to children’s school education and Holiday Homework activities, follow Leverage Edu now!! To refer to interesting ideas related to children’s school education and holiday homework activities, follow Leverage Edu now!! 

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