Essay on Agriculture: Short Essay, 100 and 250 Words

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Essay on agriculture

Agriculture is one of the major sectors in India that provide livelihood to the people. The majority of the Indian population depends on agriculture as it is the major source of income and contributes to around 18.3% of India’s GDP. It provides food, raw materials, and employment to billions of people across the world. As common people, most of us anticipate that agriculture is just the cultivation of crops.

However, it is much more than that, it includes fishery, livestock, forestry, and crop production. It is the backbone of the civilization. Read this blog and get to know how to write an essay on agriculture with the help of examples!

Short Essay on Agriculture

India is also referred to as agricultural land because a major part of India is covered by agricultural activities. The entire world has been practising agriculture for thousands of years from the nomadic times to date. 

Agriculture started during the Neolithic Revolution for the production of food. Nowadays, the scenario has been completely changed with the application of AI tools and Machinery in the world of Agriculture. New technologies and equipment are being developed to replace the traditional methods of farming. Some of the AI technologies are integrated sensors, weathering forecasting, IoT-powered agriculture drones, smart spraying, etc. 

Millions of people across the world depend on agriculture, even animals are also dependent on agriculture for their fodder and habitat. Besides that, agriculture also plays a key role in the economic development of the country because 3/4th of the population depends on agriculture.

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Essay on Agriculture 100 Words

Agriculture is the main source of life on earth. Animals and humans depend on agriculture for a living. It is the oldest practice in the history of mankind. There has been tremendous growth and evolution in the field of agriculture.

The use of AI-based technology and modern techniques in farming is helping the sector to generate high yields with better quality. 

Now, our country is able to produce surplus food crops which is enough to satisfy domestic needs. It also helps to eradicate malnutrition and address hunger issues in various parts of the world. Thus, agriculture will always remain the cornerstone of human existence and continue to fulfil the demands of the changing world.

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Essay on Agriculture 250 Words

Agriculture can be termed as the global powerhouse of the world. It is feeding billions of people across the world. Every individual directly or indirectly depends on agriculture.

Significance of Agriculture

The significance of agriculture is listed below:

  • The food we consume is a gift of the agriculture sector. Farmers are working day and night to cultivate food crops for the entire human population.
  • It also adds value to the Gross Domestic Product as well as the national income of the country.
  • As it is one of the largest sectors, there is a huge need for a labor force and employees. Thus, it imparts employment to 80% of the people in this world.
  • 70% of the total food crop production of India is used for the purpose of exports. Some of the main items of export are rice, spices, wheat, cotton, tea, tobacco, jute products, and many more.

Challenges for Agriculture

Every year, the agriculture sector has to face difficult challenges. It includes harsh weather conditions be it drought or flood or extreme heat waves and cold breezes. Soil degradation is also one of the major threats to agriculture due to soil erosion and soil pollution. All these conditions create the need to generate sustainable practices in the agriculture sector.

Sustainable agriculture

Advancement in technology helps to create sustainable agriculture. The use of technology in the field of agriculture like weather forecasts, automated sowing, drones, AI-driven sensors, pest control, etc. helps in developing sustainable agriculture.

Besides that, farmers are adopting new farming practices such as crop rotation reduced chemicals, organic farming, etc. for sustainable agriculture.

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What is an essay on agriculture?

Agriculture is the process of cultivation of crops. Every individual is dependent on agriculture for food crops, and employment. The perfect essay on agriculture must include, what is agriculture, the importance, and the significance of agriculture.

What are 5 important points on agriculture?

Here are 5 main points about agriculture: Agriculture is the source of food and fodder for the world; It is one of the oldest human practices that date back thousands of years; Agriculture is essential for the breeding and raising of livestock; The incorporation of modern techniques in farming helped in the evolution of the agriculture sector; and Agriculture contributes to the economy of the nation.

What is agriculture?

Agriculture refers to the science, art, or practice of cultivating crops, raising livestock, and marketing the finished products for the use of human consumption while contributing to the economy of the country.

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