Top Gandhi Jayanti Celebration Ideas and Activities

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Gandhi Jayanti Celebration Ideas

Every year, Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated in India on 2 October. Gandhi ji played a huge role in gaining our nation its freedom from British rule. Apart from this, he is also known as the Father of our nation because his ideology gave the masses faith in themselves and ensured our country was free from foreign rule.

Due to this, the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated in educational institutions. Teachers are very keen to celebrate this occasion in creative ways that ingrain the values practised by Gandhiji in students’ lives.

Why Gandhi Jayanti is Celebrated?

Gandhi Jayanti honours the life of Mahatma Gandhi, which was dedicated to nation-building, the struggle for liberation, and teaching and practising ideals like seeking peace, the truth, and nonviolence.

Gandhi Jayanti observed on 2 October, has been observed as the International Day of Non-Violence globally since 2007. This is because Mahatma Gandhi is widely regarded as the wonderful emblem of truth and non-violence.

Celebration Ideas and Activities for Gandhi Jayanti?

Looking for ways to celebrate Gandhi Jayanti in schools students and learn from Gandhi’s life.

  • Gandhi Jayanti Art & Craft Activity

Making art is a fantastic method to learn about anything. Students will learn a lot about Gandhiji as a result of making art inspired by his life. Preschoolers can make a model of the spinning wheel or a representation of the three wise monkeys who see, hear, and say no evil as part of their Gandhi Jayanti crafts.

  • Essay Writing Competition

You can give your students a specific assignment, such as “How Gandhi Prominently Led Indians to Freedom,” or “Why is Mahatma Gandhi Rightly Called the Father of the Nation.” and observe the writing talent of your students. They would be able to write better thanks to this.

  • Gandhi Jayanti Quiz

There is no better way to study than to host a lighthearted quiz about Mahatma Gandhi’s life. Gandhiji-related movements can be the subject of different rounds, which will aid students in getting ready for the Trivia. When it is announced that the winning team will receive a specific reward, the kids’ excitement will undoubtedly increase.

  • Watch a Movie on Gandhi’s Life

Great films that depict our nation’s struggle for liberation and Gandhi’s life have been inspired by his strong character, his deeds, and his life. You can show them to your students so they can observe and learn. Play them films like The Making of the Mahatma (1996) by Shyam Benegal and Gandhi by Richard Attenborough, among others.

  • A Cleanliness Drive 

Gandhi’s adage, “Cleanliness is next to godliness,” highlights the significance of a clutter-free environment as it promotes mental and spiritual clarity. It is always preferable to have a cleaner environment where we spend our time because a spotless setting fosters concentration and makes visitors feel welcome. So, a cleanup campaign is appropriate for Gandhi Jayanti.

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What was the activity of Mahatma Gandhi?

Gandhi popularised anti-colonial nationalism among ordinary Indians by leading them in the 400 km (250 mi) Dandi Salt March in 1930 and the 1942 demand that the British leave India. He spent many years and multiple incarcerations in both South Africa and India.

Why is it important to celebrate Gandhi Jayanti in school?

The Gandhi Jayanti festival is a wonderful opportunity to emphasise the value of truth and nonviolence, which are lacking in today’s society.

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