Write A Letter To Your Friend About Christmas Celebration: Check Samples

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Write A Letter To Your Friend About Christmas Celebration

Christmas, the festival of gifts and celebrations, marks the beginning of winter. The celebration of Christmas has its charm among students. The school organizes a week of festivities in December with classic carol singing like Jingle Bells and spreading the cheer of the holiday. Teachers help them make colorful paper chains, tinsel, and Santa caps to decorate their classrooms. A huge Christmas tree is set up and decorated with delicious treats like cake and cookies. 

Christmas celebrations have their unique style for every child. Some exchange gifts, while others donate useful items to the needy. To know more about the different ways of celebrating, let us delve into the world of creative letter writing and describe the celebration of the festival. 

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Sample 1: Write A Letter To Your Friend About Christmas Celebration

Shalimar Tower,
Aminabad, Jopling Road, 
Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

15 April 2024

Dear Parul,
Wishing you a Merry Christmas. I hope you and your family are doing well. Christmas is such a lively time here on our school campus with all the decorations, music, dance, and festivities.

For the past week, our school has made many preparations to celebrate Christmas such as tinsel, lights, and Christmas trees everywhere. Some students have put strings of light on the entrance door and windows of their hostel too. There has been Christmas music playing around the campus all month making the vibes of the festival so celebratory.  

In the evening, the students in the hostel gathered around the quad of caroling. Students performed on Jingle Bells and made the Christmas celebration so lively. Finally, the celebration of the festival ended with a brilliant firework lightning up in the sky against the decorated Christmas tree.

Parul, let me share a wonderful activity that was carried out in the school. A few nights ago, there was a gift exchange in our school hostel. Every student drew names and bought gifts for our anonymous recipient. I got a coffee mug and a nice notebook. Everyone was guessing the name of Secret Santa and praising the selection of gifts for each other. Delicious food items prepared in the mess added beauty to the celebration and we all spent quality time together. 

Let me know how you have celebrated Christmas at your school. Hope you had a fantastic time and a wonderful New Year ahead.
Your Friend,

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Source: SK TEACH

Sample 2: Write A Letter To Your Friend About Christmas Celebration 

8G-New Hostel
Government School,
Ludhiana – 10098

3 February 2024

Dear Ravi, 
Season’s greetings from the chill weather here at Manali. I hope this letter finds you warm and cozy at home.
While you are enjoying Christmas in your new school in Mumbai, I am spending my winter break from school outing here in the mountains. The snow-capped peaks and pine trees are absolutely the perfect celebration destination for Christmas this year. 

The group of 30 students along with co-ordinators and teachers are enjoying the chilled winds and the festive vibes. We are all staying here in a cute little homestay run by a local family. The idea behind this stay was to celebrate the festival with people simply and sweetly.

Last night, the hosts of our homestay invited the group over to a Christmas Eve celebration. We sang carols sitting around a warm bonfire while sipping on hot chocolate. Afterward, we had a delicious Christmas dinner of roasted chicken, plum cake, and kheer. Our hosts even surprised us with small gifts. Altogether, the celebration was overwhelming.

Tomorrow, the group will be volunteering at a local school to help the children decorate cookies and set up for their Christmas show. I am looking forward to spreading some holíday cheer with the kids.
Celebrations here at Manali are a simple surrender by nature filled with magic. It is a calm, peaceful Christmas this year, which is a refreshing start for the end of a busy final assessment. The best part of the festival is spending time with friends as the year goes by and looking forward to new beginnings.

I hope you too have enjoyed the Christmas celebrations in Mumbai with your new friends. I can´t wait to hear the stories when I am back from my trip.

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Sample 3: Write A Letter To Your Friend About Christmas Celebration 

Write A Letter To Your Friend About Christmas Celebration

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Q.1. How do you write a Christmas letter to a friend?

Ans: To write a Christmas to a friend, describe the celebration and activities of the celebrations. Share the memories and traditions of Christmas and wish your friend a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Do not forget to ask about their way of celebrating the festival. 

Q.2. How do you write a letter about how you spend your Christmas?

Ans: To write about your Christmas celebration, include details like spending time with family, eating favorite foods, exchanging gifts, and the special moments that are the favorite parts of the festive season.

Q.3. How do you write a paragraph about the celebration of Christmas?

Ans: To write a Christmas celebration paragraph describe the decoration of the festivities, music, food, spending time with loved ones, and the memories that made the day special and joyful.

Q.4. How to write a letter to your friend?

Ans: To write a letter to a friend, start writing with a warm greeting, and ask about the latest updates in his or her life. Do not forget the main purpose of your letter. Close your letter by expressing your love and anticipation of a reply and sign off affectionately.

Q.5. What is Christmas in 100 words? 

Ans: Christmas is a beloved festival that is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ. People worldwide come together to celebrate the festival. They come together with family and friends and exchange gifts, enjoy the feast, and create joyful memories. The houses are decorated with colorful decorations, carols are sung, and Santa Claus makes a magical appearance for children. 

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