Essay on Grandmother in 500 Words for Students

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Essay on grandmother

Essay on Grandmother: ‘Have you ever wondered what the circumstances surrounding your family may have been in the absence of an elderly figure? How would your parents have asked for advice when making certain decisions? When your parents scolded you, who would have pampered you? We as children are closer to our grandparents, especially our grandmother than any member of our family. Grandmother teaches us how to love, respect, care, and become responsible in life. God has blessed us with grandmothers because of their caring love and respectful attitude towards everyone.’

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‘Grandmother wakes up early in the morning and takes care of family stuff. She manages all the house choirs and prepares breakfast for everyone. In her free time, she sits on her rocking chair on the balcony and murmurs songs. Everyone in the family respects her and reaches out to her for her guidance.’

‘This loving member of our family is getting old and she deserves the best care. Grandmother endured all the family’s sufferings and made sacrifices for everyone. They never discriminate against their grandchildren and have equal love for everyone, They are always there for us, guiding us through here decades of experience and teaching us the realities of life.’

We often get to hear that grandmothers are emotionally closer to their grandchildren than their parents. This is because we as children spend more time with them and they have a golden heart. Consider this example: our parents often say ‘no’ to things we like or want, but our grandmother always considers our interests and tries their best to keep us happy. They don’t want to see us sitting sad in a corner and feeling neglected.’ 

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Role and Responsibilities of Grandmother

Grandmothers have certain roles and responsibilities which they fulfill by pouring their heart and soul into them. 

  • Grandmother offers guidance and social support to the family, making sure everything runs smoothly.
  • They work as role models and teach us important life lessons like accepting our mistakes, taking responsibility, respecting others’ opinions, and allowing others before us.
  • They teach us about our culture and encourage us to follow our traditional values and customs.
  • They work as family advisors, especially on issues related to women and children.

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5 Ways to Take Care of Grandmother

Our grandmothers have always offered love and care, more than anyone deserves. Therefore, we as their grandchildren must take good care of them.

  • Listen to everything they have to say.
  • Constantly ask them if they need anything.
  • Respect her in every situation.
  • Compliment her by saying how beautiful she is and how blessed the entire family is to have her.
  • Go on a walk or buy groceries with her and spend some time with her.

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5 Lessons We Can Learn From Grandmother

Grandmothers are considered the brains of the family due to their advice and guidance for the family’s welfare. There’s a lot we can learn from grandmother.

  • Never be afraid to ask for someone’s help.
  • Always offer your helping hand to others.
  • Try to be self-reliant and learn to do it yourself.
  • Do not panic in difficult situations and try to calm yourself down.
  • Before making an important decision, consult with your family members and ask for their opinions.

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100 Words Paragraph on Grandmother

A grandmother is the most respected member of the family. She teaches us the reality of life and how to deal with different types of people. Her experience and knowledge work like advice for the family, where she guides everyone in making important decisions. She is the first person to wake up in the morning and prepares breakfast for everyone. She makes sure everyone in the family is okay. Her respectful attitude tells us how kind. She is always there for everyone, offering her knowledge and sharing stories with her grandchildren. A grandmother is god’s personification in a family, offering her blessings without any discrimination.


Q.1. What are some lines on grandmother?

Ans: Grandmother is the most respected member of the family. She offers her love and caring support for everyone without any discrimination. She is god’s personification on earth. She is the sweetest person in the world and is always there to help her grandchildren. Regardless of her old age, she takes care of everyone in the family and serves decisions food.

Q.2. What is a short essay on grandmother?

Ans: Our grandmother offers us warmth, wisdom, and unwavering love. Her presence comforting presence embraces us and is like a haven where one finds solace and understanding. In the tapestry of family, she is the thread that weaves generations together, creating a bond that transcends time. The memories of my grandmother are etched in the corridors of my mind like cherished paintings. She was a storyteller, a guardian of family lore, and her tales were not just narratives but lessons in resilience, love, and the passage of time. Her wrinkled hands spoke of a lifetime of experiences, each line a story waiting to be shared.

Q.3. What can I learn from my grandmother?

Ans: Our grandmothers can teach us how to have challenges in life, teach us to value our traditional and cultural values, we can learn practical skills like cooking, sewing, gardening and budgeting, learn the art of storytelling, etc.

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