English Holiday Homework Class 4: Worksheets and Ideas 

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Holiday Homework for Class 4 English

Holidays allow students to enjoy as much as they normally cannot due to tight school schedules. But it is equally important for students to stay in touch with their studies for the duration of their vacation and to ensure that holiday homework is done well. Hence, in this blog, we are providing English Holiday Homework Class 4: Worksheets and Ideas. These worksheets and ideas will make learning fun for students. To learn more, keep reading this blog. 

English Holiday Homework Class 4: Worksheets 

1. Grammar: 

Circle the correct verb form to complete each sentence:

a) The cat (is, are) sleeping on the mat.
b) My friends (plays, play) football every Saturday.
c) She (go, goes) to school by bus. 
Fill in the blanks with the correct pronoun:
a) _______ likes to read books.
b) Jenny and _____ went to the park.
c) Please give the ball to _______. 

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2. Vocabulary: 

Match the words on the left with their meanings on the right

Excited i) Happy and full of energy
Journey ii) A long trip from one place to another 
Celebrate iii) To have a party or special event 

3. Comprehension: 

Read the passage below and answer the questions

Tom’s Birthday Party 

Tom was excited because it was his birthday. He invited all his friends to his party. They played games, ate cake, and had lots of fun. Tom received many presents from his friends and family. It was the best birthday ever!

  • What was Tom excited about?
  • What did Tom and his friends do at the party?
  • Why was it the best birthday ever for Tom?

4. Writing: 

Imagine you are going on a journey. Write a short paragraph (4-5 sentences) describing where you are going, how you are getting there, and what you are looking forward to the most. 

5. Fill in the Blanks: 

1. The sun _____ in the morning and sets in the evening.
2. My sister _____ to dance every Saturday.
3. We need to _____ our homework before we go out to play.
4. Sarah _____ her birthday last week.
5. I like to _____ books in my free time.
6. The cat _____ under the table when it’s scared.
7. Birds _____ in the sky.
8. The teacher _____ us a story yesterday.
9. I _____ to visit my grandparents during the holidays.
10. _____ you like ice cream? 

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English Holiday Homework Class 4: Ideas 

  1. Digital Storytelling

Using PowerPoint, create a story in the form of a presentation and then, after the holidays, narrate it to the class. 

  1. Book Report
english holiday homework class 4

During the vacation, read a book of your own choice. After finishing it, write a book report about it, including the story, the author’s biography, what you liked in it, what you disliked in it, describing the main characters, etc. 

  1. Building Vocabulary

Take a notebook and write 5 unique words with their meanings in the notebook every day. Also, write a sentence for each word, using it in the same way. 

  1. Wall Hanging of Words

Create a wall hanging of creative design and include or paste different words on it that are synonyms. Make the wall hanging creative and decorative. 

  1. Letter-Writing

Write a letter to your friends about the fun ways in which you are spending your vacation. 

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Q.1. How do I plan my holiday homework? 

Ans: The best way to plan your holiday homework is to make a schedule and follow it. It will help you complete your holiday homework on time while still being able to enjoy your vacation. 

Q.2. How to do holiday homework in 10 days?

Ans: If you wish to complete your holiday homework in 10 days, the best thing to do is to start doing your holiday homework on day one of your vacation. You can make a schedule and stick to it dedicatedly. Hence, you will be able to complete your holiday homework in no time. 

Q.3. How to give creative holiday homework? 

Ans: You can make homework creative by including a variety of ideas like crafts, arts, presentations, etc. You can also give students instructions on how to decorate their holiday homework. 

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