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Hello, I am Professor Owl 🦉 and today I will state the list of the NIT Cut-Off for the year 2023. Both JoSAA and JEE Main have released the list for the same. Without wasting much time, let’s straightway dive to know more about it.

NIT (National Institute of Technology) are engineering institution that is owned by the central government. These are public institutions and anyone can easily take admission into these institutions. However, to take admission you need to meet its cut-off. Let’s check out NIT Cut-Off 2023 in the given section.

📊 Factors Affecting NIT Cut-Off

The following are the factors that matter when deciding the cut-off for NIT admission.

  • Number of candidates applying for the JEE exam.
  • Total candidates appearing for the examination.
  • Total seats available.
  • Difficulty Level of the exam.
  • Previous Year’s trends in the cut-off.

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📍 JoSSA 2023 Cut Off – Check Opening and Closing Rank

Below I am stating the list of opening and closing ranks released by JoSAA 2023 for NIT. 

NIT CourseOpening RankClosing Rank
NIT JalandharBio-Technology6558983326
Chemical EngineeringCheck below JoSAA 2023 Cutoff (Round 6) opening and closing rank for NITs, below:​_​_3706052318
Civil Engineering4937364114
Computer Science and Engineering834616205
Electrical Engineering​_2725032848
Electronics and Communication Engineering 1968224092
Industrial and Production Engineering5214167697
Information Technology1637821634
Instrumentation and Control Engineering3436843317
Mechanical Engineering3927647162
Textile Technology6793188486
MNIT JaipurChemical Engineering851130836
Civil Engineering1434132557
Computer Science and Engineering23235746
Electrical Engineering959615660
Electronics and Communication Engineering656610112
Mechanical Engineering1553923748
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering3178438537
MNNIT AllahabadBio Technology2917134258
Chemical Engineering1750421815
Civil Engineering2193627278
Computer Science and Engineering16965876
Electrical Engineering923611946
Electronics and Communication Engineering 60389137
Mechanical Engineering1505920112
Production and Industrial Engineering2489130738
NIT CalicutBio Technology3522244304
Chemical Engineering2731934186
Civil Engineering2809745465
Computer Science and Engineering202410512
Electrical and Electronics Engineering1523420628
Engineering Physics1514026910
Materials Science and Engineering2972839572
Mechanical Engineering1543026786
Production Engineering2867245059
NIT DurgapurBio Technology2422453463
Chemical Engineering2426235002
Civil Engineering3278746723
Computer Science and Engineering307012851
Electrical Engineering1632722248
Electronics and Communication Engineering1355117902
Mechanical Engineering2331431028
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering4031948577
NIT Karnataka, SurathkalArtificial Intelligence34465631
Chemical Engineering1065622754
Civil Engineering1636038203
Computational and Data Science 56976155
Computer Science and Engineering18653406
Electrical and Electronics Engineering77059789
Electronics and Communication Engineering47317219
Information Technology35635616
Mechanical Engineering1021016814
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering2740632230
Mining Engineering3727146155
NIT MeghalayaCivil Engineering142261142261
Computer Science and Engineering4801248012
Electrical and Electronics Engineering138346138346
Electronics and Communication Engineering121773136987
Mechanical Engineering121811121811
NIT PuducherryCivil Engineering186956225349
Computer Science and Engineering2829575175
Electrical and Electronics Engineering78818159343
Electronics and Communication Engineering52167114625
Mechanical Engineering90540183810
NIT RaipurBio Medical Engineering6941996960
Bio Technology7783088031
Chemical Engineering5246762552
Civil Engineering1764163649
Computer Science and Engineering1461022413
Electrical Engineering3356144603
Electronics and Communication Engineering2216938657
Information Technology1901932025
Mechanical Engineering2702952282
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering5610975074
Mining Engineering6270683122
NIT JamshedpurCivil Engineering3575948303
Computer Science and Engineering244010570
Electrical Engineering1955025461
Electronics and Communication Engineering953118924
Engineering and Computational Mechanics1905726604
Mechanical Engineering2761036500
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering4048448453
Production and Industrial Engineering4137451803
NIT KurukshetraCivil Engineering1512240848
Computer Engineering35709959
Electrical Engineering1668422813
Electronics and Communication Engineering1336916530
Information Technology1041113615
Mechanical Engineering1836829353
Production and Industrial Engineering3750445351
NIT RourkelaBio Medical Engineering4281755020
Bio Technology4522348998
Ceramic Engineering3788647645
Chemical Engineering2359528064
Civil Engineering1850534933
Computer Science and Engineering19758282
Electrical Engineering994316085
Electronics and Communication Engineering 85969931
Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering 1010812579
Food Process Engineering5220757648
Mechanical Engineering1623222267
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering2313936888
Mining Engineering3285845122
NIT SilcharCivil Engineering1986873835
Computer Science and Engineering1059724876
Electrical Engineering3062650716
Electronics and Communication Engineering 2490633102
Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering 3558545435
Mechanical Engineering4599459015
NIT TrichyChemical Engineering1205020670
Civil Engineering2049233703
Computer Science and Engineering9365164
Electrical and Electronics Engineering69159902
Electronics and Communication Engineering43417153
Instrumentation and Control Engineering760515486
Mechanical Engineering 716616238
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering1908032122
Production Engineering1671026853
NIT UttarakhandCivil Engineering5608064639
Computer Science and Engineering2205127194
Electrical and Electronics Engineering3970651785
Electronics and Communication Engineering3147343593
Mechanical Engineering4119259390
NIT WarangalBio Technology 1630940209
Chemical Engineering1903127034
Civil Engineering2210432906
Computer Science and Engineering18943115
Electrical and Electronics Engineering687911388
Electronics and Communication Engineering41796516
Mechanical Engineering1139717718
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering2447440095
VNIT NagpurElectrical and Electronics Engineering782217627
Electronics and Communication Engineering731112641
Mechanical Engineering1063224608
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering3472048403
Mining Engineering4361152243
NIT Andhra PradeshBio Technology5428557872
Chemical Engineering4427150628
Civil Engineering4058851996
Computer Science and Engineering1181219558
Electrical and Electronics Engineering2500536848
Electronics and Communication Engineering1770324983
Mechanical Engineering3428043936
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering 4581257822

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📋 JEE Main Cut-off for NIT

Next, I am also stating the cut-off list for the NIT based on the JEE Main cut-off for the last 3 years.

CategoryJEEMain cut off 2022JEEMain cut off 2021JEEMain cut off 2020
General Ews66.270.278.2

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Mr. Owl – “Kiddos, I’ve answered all your queries with the utmost precision that I was capable of. Now, I’ll be taking my leave, but if you think I might have missed something, do check out the FAQ section or drop a comment. I always respond!”


Can I get NIT with 92 percentile?

No, if you belong to the general category you need a minimum of 98+ if you want a decent branch in NIT.

How much percentile is required for NIT 2023?

The lowest mark you require to go to NIT through JEE Main for general EWS is the 90 percentile. Otherwise, for other categories, there is a reservation criteria.

Can I get CSE in NIT with 95 percentile?

The better score you get the higher your chances of getting into CSE in NIT, the rest all depends on the cut-off released. 

This was all about the “NIT Cut-Off 2023 – Check List Here!”. For more such informative blogs, check out our Indian University page.

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