XLRI Distance Learning: Best Short-Term and Long-Term Courses 

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XLRI Distance Learning

XLRI Distance Learning: XLRI Distance Learning was launched in 2002 as part of the Virtual Interactive Learning initiative. Since its inception, the programme aimed at providing top-tier education in management subjects to students who cannot attend the traditional courses physically and those who are working professionals. The initiative was launched with the intention of mending the career gaps of candidates who often have to face breaks in their education due to their professional life. Read through the article to know more about XLRI Distance learning. 

Year of Establishment 1949
Campus Size50 acres
Students Intake360 (PGP BM & HRM)
MBA FeesINR 13 Lakhs Per Annum 
NIRF Ranking 20228
Number of Courses16
Total Faculty 74
Total Scholarship23
Highest Package (2023)INR 1.1 CPA (Crore Per Annum) 
Top RecruitersAccenture, Strategy, Amazon, Bain & Company, HSBC, Indigo Edge, Mercedes Benz, Nykaa, Zomato, etc

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XLRI Distance Learning: Top 3 Short-Term Courses

XLRI Distance Learning Short-Term Courses are designed to provide students with an in-depth understanding of different managerial concepts and techniques relevant to strategic decision-making. These programmes are dynamic in the sense that they are constantly evolving and being updated. 

Such courses are created with students who are unable to physically attend the institute campus in mind. Individuals intending to opt for such courses can expect to receive official certificates once their courses are successfully completed. Here are the top three Short-Term Distance Learning courses available at XLRI. 

Senior Executive Certificate in Business Transformation Strategies 

This one-year programme aims to provide students with the knowledge and competence in managing key transformative problems encountered in today’s business environment. Therefore, those who wish to make a change in society by providing solutions to prevalent issues such as digital disruption, blurring of industry boundaries, evolving regulation, globalisation etc., are encouraged to opt for this course. 

The programme prepares students to take an integrated approach to decision-making during emergencies, devise innovative solutions to various challenges, manage an environment of turnaround and strategic transformation of their organisations, and implement and manage stakeholders associated with the turnaround and transformation process. 

EDP in Financial Analytics 

This 7-month programme equips students with an in-depth understanding of finance analytics. Students pursuing the course will be adept at amalgamating internal financial information with external information by using social media and big data to provide predictive insights. In this day and age, Financial Analytics is a highly sought-after course as the study is used in most of the domains of business, especially in stock market prediction or customer profitability. Financial Analysts are predominantly required to devise sustainable and profitable business models out of the data gathered from businesses.

This course provides students with the technical knowledge of numerous statistical tools, complex machine learning tools and algorithms. 

EDP in Digital Marketing 

This 6-month course is ideal for those who wish to carve lucrative careers for themselves in the field of digital marketing. Students pursuing the course will be provided with an in-depth understanding of the impact of digital technology and media on an organisation’s marketing strategies, the implementation of various digital marketing techniques, strategizing marketing strategies with the help of digital marketing and managing digital content. 

The course is designed to equip students with the knowledge of different digital marketing techniques including search engine marketing, social media, mobile marketing, and content management.  

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XLRI Distance Learning: Best Long-Term Courses 

Long-Term Courses at XLRI (Distance Learning) aim to help students better understand the goals of organisations. Such courses are ideal for those who wish to further their education without putting breaks in their careers. These courses are designed to equip students with elaborate knowledge of management. Here are some of the best Long Term courses available at XLRI. 

Postgraduate Certificate in Human Resource Management (PGCHRM)

This 12-month programme is meant for those who aspire to work in the Human Resource Management field. This postgraduate certification (AICTE-approved) develops promising candidates into capable individuals capable of dealing with contemporary challenges and devising innovative solutions to: 

  1. Retain talent
  2. Create a corporate ambience in which talents can grow both professionally and personally.  

Postgraduate Certificate in Business Management (PGCBM)

Candidates who wish to thrive in the field of business management are encouraged to apply for this course. This 12-month course moulds students into individuals capable enough to decipher some of the most convoluted business challenges. The course aims at providing students with an extensive or elaborate understanding of Indian and international businesses.

 Students intending to pursue the said course can expect their curriculum to feature discussions, case studies and panel discussions, that will help them get a comprehensive understanding of the subjects pertaining to the field of business management


What’s the fee for pursuing the short-term course in Financial Analytics (EDP Financial Analytics) at XLRI? 

Individuals who wish to pursue the short-term course in Financial Analytics are required to pay an amount of INR 65,000 (total cost). 

What is the total duration of the short course, ‘EDP in Digital Marketing’, at XLRI? 

The total duration for this Digital Marketing Course is for 6-months. 

What does the ‘Postgraduate Certificate in Business Management (PGCBM)’ course at XLRI aim at? 

This 12-month course is ideal for those who aspire to excel in the field of business management. The course aims at providing students with an extensive or elaborate understanding of Indian and international businesses.

The XLRI Distance Learning courses are designed to equip students with adequate managerial abilities and expertise to flourish in their respective domains. One of the most significant advantages of undertaking such courses is the freedom they provide. Such courses are specifically designed for students who are unable to physically attend their sessions owing to certain circumstances or are working professionals. Similar to their offline counterparts, the online courses at XLRI do not compromise on quality. Therefore, students can rest assured that they will be provided with an education that is unparalleled in terms of quality. 

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