Karnataka PGCET Marks vs Rank: Get Expected Cutoffs, Inter-se-merit

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Karnataka PGCET Marks vs Rank

Karnataka PGCET Marks vs Rank: After evaluating test takers’ performance, the Karnataka Examination Authority assigns a rank based on a review of their scores. The expected range of ranks depending on a person’s Karnataka PGCET score is indicated by the Karnataka PGCET marks vs rank. Participating Karnataka PGCET colleges take into account applicants’ rankings when admitting MBA candidates. Those who took the Karnataka PGCET can find out where they stood by using the question papers and answer key to determine their probable raw score.

The rank range that one can predict based on their Karnataka PGCET 2023 exam scores is provided in this article. Based on the rank analysis and PGCET marks from the previous year, the rank range is indicated below. Read further for a detailed Karnataka PGCET Marks vs Rank analysis.

Karnataka PGCET Marks vs Rank

Marks and ranks help in showing the performance of a candidate in the Karnataka PGCET exam for MBA college admission in Karnataka. Below we have differentiated between the two measures:

Measure DefinitionImportance
MarksThe score obtained on the exam based on correct and incorrect responsesRepresents individual performance on the exam
RanksRelative position in the merit list based on marks of all candidatesDetermines your standing compared to other test takers

It is important to take into account both PGCET scores and PGCET ranks when assessing a candidate’s match for admission to Karnataka’s MBA schools because they are both critical to their performance.

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Karnataka PGCET Marks vs Rank Analysis

The comparison of the Karnataka PGCET scores and ranks is shown in the table below. As indicated by the chart, candidates who score within a given mark range should expect that their rank will fall within that range:

Karnataka PGCET MarksKarnataka PGCET 2023 Ranks (Tentative)
95-100Between 1 and 100
90-94Between 101 and 500
80-89Between 501 and 1000
70-79Between 1001 and 1400
60-69Between 1401 and 2000
50-59Between 2001 and 7000
40-49Between 7001 and 15000

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Karnataka PGCET Expected Cutoff Ranks 2023

The projected Karnataka PGCET cutoff ranks for a few of the colleges taking part in the 2024 Karnataka PGCET counselling are listed in the table below:

Karnataka PGCET CollegesKarnataka PGCET 2022 Cutoff Ranks (Expected)
BNM Institute of Technology3000-5500
CMR Center For Business Studies6200-7200
KLE Society’s Institute of Management Studies and Research2700-4000
Kristu Jayanti College of Management and Technology2700-4000
Reva University2900-4900
SDM College of Engineering and Technology6000-6500
JSS Science and Technology University1900-2500
Vidyavardhaka College of Engineering4900-5500
New Horizon College of Engineering2900-4300
Christ Academy Institute for Advanced Studies2300-3200
Bangalore Institute of Technology950-1020
BMS College of Engineering450-720
Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering550-800
M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology390-750
PES University204-519
R V Institute Of Management330-580
M S Ramaiah College of Arts, Science and Commerce730-890

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Factors Affecting Karnataka PGCET Cutoff Ranks

Karnataka PGCET cutoff rank, also called the Karnataka PGCET last rank is different for different for different colleges, categories, and courses. A few important factors that affect cutoff ranks for Karnataka PGCET colleges are stated below:

Factor DescriptionImpact on Cutoff Rank
Karnataka PGCET SeatsTotal number of seats available for a specific course in a specific collegeA higher number of seats generally leads to lower cutoff ranks, and vice versa.
Number of Test TakersTotal number of candidates who appeared for the examA higher number of test takers creates higher competition, potentially raising cutoff ranks.
Difficulty Level of
the Exam
Perceived difficulty of the Karnataka PGCET examEasier exams can lead to higher scores and potentially lower cutoff ranks, while harder exams tend to have higher cutoff ranks.
Category-wise Highest and Lowest ScoreTop and bottom scores within each reserved category (SC, ST, OBC, etc.)Cutoff ranks for reserved categories are influenced by the distribution of scores within those categories.
Previous Year’s Karnataka PGCET Cutoff RanksCutoff ranks for the same course and college in previous yearsProvides a general estimate of expected cutoff ranks, but past performance does not guarantee future trends.

Karnataka PGCET Rank Allotment Process

Examiners are frequently concerned about how Karnataka PGCET rank is assigned because admissions to the PGCET are determined by the rank that the candidate obtains. Before assigning ranks, KEA will compute each candidate’s PGCET scores. The marking scheme can be used to compute the Karnataka PGCET score.

Marking SchemeEach correct response: +1 mark
No negative marking for incorrect responses
No negative marking for unattempted questions
Score Calculation FormulaKarnataka PGCET Probable Score = Number of Correct Responses X 1
Rank AllotmentCandidates are assigned ranks based on their merit scores.
The highest scorer gets rank #1, the second-best scorer gets rank #2, and so on.
Tie-Breaking CriteriaA better rank goes to the candidate with a better total aggregate in the qualifying exam.
If aggregate marks are equal, the older candidate is preferred.


What rank is 70 marks in PGCET?

Karnataka PGCET 2023 range of 70 to 79 marks falls in somewhat 1001-1400 range as per previous results of  Karnataka PGCET.

What is the rank for 40 marks in PGCET 2023?

According to previous results of Karnataka PGCET for 40 marks the range of rank vary from 11598 to 13604.

What is the rank for 60 marks in PGCET?

According to previous results of Karnataka PGCET for 60 marks the range of rank vary from 1401 to 2000.

What is the rank for 90 marks in PGCET?

90 marks in the PGCET exam is indeed a very good score. The expected rank for this score is 100+. Some universities that accept this score are PES University, RS Ramaiah Institute of Technology, and R V Institute of Management.

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