What is the Full Form of ST?

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full form of st

Curious about the many meanings of “ST”? This is the perfect place to discover its various full forms depending on the context. There are many full forms of ST and the most common of them is Scheduled Tribe. Let’s explore some common full forms of ST and what they stand for.

ST as Scheduled Tribe

The abbreviation ST commonly stands for Scheduled Tribe in India. This term refers to indigenous communities recognized by the government for their distinct culture, language, and identity. These communities also go by the name Adivasis, meaning “original inhabitants” in Sanskrit.

Scheduled Tribes are socially and economically disadvantaged and face various challenges like poverty, illiteracy, discrimination, and lack of access to basic amenities. So the Constitution of India grants them certain rights and protections, like reservations in education and employment, land rights, and cultural autonomy. The government also implements various schemes and programs to promote their welfare and development.

There are over 700 Scheduled Tribes in India, spread across different states and regions. Some of the major Scheduled Tribes are Bhils, Gonds, Santhals, Khasis, Nagas, Munda, etc, with each tribe having its own unique history, traditions, customs, and beliefs.

ST as Standard Time

Another common full form of ST is Standard Time. It refers to the time used in a specific region or country as the official time. Standard Time is usually based on the mean solar time at a certain longitude or meridian.

Standard Time helps to synchronize the clocks and calendars of different places to avoid confusion. It also helps to coordinate activities like transportation, communication, business, etc. Depending on the geographical location and daylight-saving practices, it’s usually divided into different zones or regions.

Some categories of Standard Time are:

  1. Indian Standard Time (IST) – Used in India and Sri Lanka.
  2. Eastern Standard Time (EST) – Used in parts of North America.
  3. Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) – Used in parts of Europe and Africa.

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Other Full Forms of ST

Apart from Scheduled Tribe and Standard Time, there are other full forms of ST having different meanings and contexts:

  1. ST for Street – A road or public way.
  1. ST for State – A political unit or subdivision of a country.
  1. ST for Saint – A title given to a person recognized as having a high degree of holiness or virtue.
  1. ST for Star Trek – A popular science fiction media franchise.
  1. ST for Students’ Ticket – A bus fare for students in Kerala, India.

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