Is it Easy to Score 99 Percentile in SNAP Exam 2024?

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Is it Easy to Score 99 Percentile in SNAP Exam

Is it Easy to Score 99 in SNAP: The Symbiosis National Aptitude Online Test or SNAP Exam is a common aptitude test held once a year, in three different sessions for aspirants to get admission to MBA/PGDM programs. SNAP scores are useful for candidates to predict their SNAP percentile and choose their preferred MBA college in India. However, the SNAP exam is easy as compared to CAT or XAT, therefore it’s easier to score 99 percentile in SNAP. Continue reading this blog to find out if scoring 99 in the SNAP exam is easy and what strategy you should inculcate to crack this exam. Let’s uncover the details of it!

Is It Easy to Score 99 in SNAP Exam?

Wondering if is it easy to score 99 percentile in SNAP exam? Well, speaking of the difficulty level, the SNAP exam is considered to be one of the easiest exams among all the other management exams in India. All MBA aspirants prefer to take this exam to pursue higher education in a Master in Business Administration (MBA) course. However, some do feel the pressure when it comes to taking the exam as it might be challenging for them. But with diligent preparation and a solid understanding of the exam, anyone can ace it. 

Unlike any other management exam, this one too requires a thorough understanding of topics such as quantitative aptitude, logical reasoning, verbal ability, and general awareness based on which the candidates are tested.

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Strategies to Score 99 in SNAP

When preparing for any competitive exam, one should have a planned exam preparation strategy to be able to ace the exam. Here are some of the last-minute strategies which one must make sure they have to crack the exam with flying colours. 

  • One must make sure they take at least 5 mock tests daily to prepare themselves for the final exam.
  • Since this is a speed-based text, one must prepare with a fresh mind and train themselves to be quick as they will get only 1 minute per question. 
  • For the Quantitative Aptitude section, learning Vedic Maths, the ability to solve questions through mind Maths and shortcuts will help one save time. 
  • In the Logical Reasoning sections, questions on Blood Relations and Directions are some of the easiest to solve. 
  • Finally, in the last section, Verbal Ability, the candidate must prepare well with the vocabulary. 

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How Difficult is the SNAP Exam?

As discussed above, the SNAP exam is considered to be moderately difficult. However, this statement is not fixed as it can vary for person to person taking it and how well they have prepared for the SNAP examination. Candidates must remember that this is a time-based exam and not a logic-based exam. This means the exam is not about how much your brain can store but rather how fast your brain can process the question and answer it in less amount of time. To be able to crack what candidates can do best is to prepare a proper strategy to crack the examination with flying colours. 

SNAP Score vs Percentile

By now we are aware that the SNAP exam is a less competitive exam than the CAT and XAT and probably one of the easiest MBA exams, therefore if you are aiming to get the 99 percentile, it won’t be a difficult task. The comparison of SNAP scores along with the percentile is mentioned below. 

43 <99%
40 97%
39 95%

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How Many Questions to Solve to Get 99 Percentile in SNAP?

When preparing for the SNAP exam, the candidate should keep in mind the number of questions they must attempt and with proper clarity to get the 99 percentile in SNAP. Here is a rough strategy of the number of questions one must attempt from each section to be at the top.

SectionsNumber of QuestionsHow many to attempt
Verbal Ability1510-12
Quantitative, Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency2012-15
Analytical & Logical Reasoning2520

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Why Opt for the SNAP Exam 2024?

But why SNAP? This is a common question which aspirants come across when choosing which management exam should they take. Well, below are some of the points which mention all the reasons why the SNAP exam is different from all the other exams and might be the reason you should opt for it and will also help you answer the question: is it easy to score 99 in SNAP? 

  • SNAP is the only management entrance exam which is held for 60 minutes and has only 60 questions with only 1 minute given for each question. 
  • As compared to all other exams such as the CAT exam, XAT test, or CET, the difficulty level of this exam is very low. Just by attempting 35 to 40 questions, the candidate will be able to secure a reasonable percentile.
  • Finally, if the candidate does not make it through on the first attempt, they get more than 2 more chances to crack this exam. Out of these two attempts, the best rank is considered. 

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How much percentile is 25 marks in the SNAP exam?

If you have scored 25 marks or are anywhere in the range of 25-29 then your percentile will fall under the 70-80 category.

What is a bad SNAP score?

For a candidate to be eligible for admission to any MBA college, they must have a score above 50 marks or in the hundreds.

How much percentile is 35 marks in SNAP?

If you have scored 35 marks in the SNAP exam, then your percentile will come under the 90 per cent category.

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