71 in Words: How to Spell 71 in English and Solved Examples

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71 in Words

The number 71 is written in words as “seventy-one.” This is because we use our place value system to understand the value of each digit in the number.

In 71:

  • The digit 7 is in the tens place, signifying seven groups of ten.
  • The digit 1 is in the ones place, indicating one additional unit.

Therefore, we combine these place values into words: “seventy” (from the tens place) and “one” (from the ones place), resulting in “seventy-one.”

What is 71?

71 is a natural number following 70 and preceding 72. Written as “seventy-one,” it’s an odd number with only two factors: 1 and itself, making it prime. Lacking a perfect square or cube root, 71 can be expressed in Roman numerals as LXXI.

71 in Words in English

Naturally, 71 comes after 70 and before 72.71 in words in English is written as seventy-one.Some important properties related to 71 are :

  • In words, 71 is seventy-one.
  • Is the number 71 even? – No
  • Is the number 71 odd? Yes.
  • Is the number 71 a composite one? – No
  • Is the number 71 prime? Yes.
  • Is seventy-one a perfect square? – No
  • Is the number 71 a perfect cube? – No
  • In Roman numerals, how would one write 71? – LXXI

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How to Convert 71 in Words?

Here’s how to convert 71 in words using the place value system, broken down into simple points:

  1. Numbers like 71 have two places – tens and ones.
  2. The digit in the tens place (7 in this case) tells you the number of groups of ten. Here, we have seven groups of ten.
  3. The digit in the ones place (1 in this case) tells you the number of extra units. Here, we have one extra unit.
  4. Combine the tens place value (written as a word) and the ones place value (written as a word). For 71, this is “Seventy” (from the 7 tens) and “One” (from the 1 unit).

Seventy + One = Seventy-one.

Therefore, using the place value system, “seventy-one” is the written form of the number 71.

Solved Examples on 71 in Words

Q. What is the sum of sixty-three and seven? Express the result in words.

A: The sum of sixty-three and seven is seventy.

Q. Determine the product of nine multiplied by seven. Write the answer in words.

A: Nine multiplied by seven equals sixty-three.

Q. If you have sixty-three candies and give away twenty, how many do you have left? Express your answer in words.

A: After giving away twenty candies from sixty-three, you have forty-three left.

Q. Calculate the difference between eighty and seventeen. Write your answer in words.

A: The difference between eighty and seventeen is sixty-three.

Q. If you score fifty in the first round and thirteen in the second, what is your total score? Express it in words.

A: Your total score after the first and second rounds is sixty-three.

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80 in words is called as “Eighty”.

How do you spell 70 in words?

70 in words is called as “Seventy”.

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