50 Sports GK Questions 🏏 For AFCAT, CDS, and NDA

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Sports GK Questions

Read this article to practice 50 sports GK questions which will help you evaluate your preparation for upcoming defense exams such as AFCAT, CDS, and NDA. If you answered right, Great! if you answered wrong to sports quiz questions then we will give you the correct answers. So, let’s start.

GK and Current Affairs cover a big portion of AFCAT, CDS and NDA exam syllabus. Many aspirants ignore this section or take for granted. Due to this, they get low score in the exam. Well, we do understand your dedication towards your preparation for Defence exams so we mentioned 50 Sports GK Questions and answers, so you can practice.

50+ Sports GK Questions With Answers

Below, we have mentioned 10 sports quiz questions and answers from each sports, so you can evaluate your preparation for current affairs and GK section.

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Latest Sports GK Questions

  1. Who is the most successful Indian test captain of the Indian Cricket team?– MS Dhoni
  2. Ranji Trophy is related to which sport?– Cricket
  3. Who has been selected by the Badminton World Federation (BWF) for the Lifetime Achievement Award this year– Prakash Padukone
  4. Grand Slam is used in which game?– Lawn Tennis
  5. Which country hosted the Winter Olympic Games most times? – United States of America

GK Questions on Cricket 🏏

  1. Which cricketer had scored highest individual score in first-class cricket? – Brian Lara (West Indies)
  2. Which cricketer had scored fastest century in ODI cricket? – AB de Villiers (South Africa)
  3. Who has scored the most individual scores in ODI history?- Rohit Sharma (India)
  4. Which Jamaican cricketer has been banned from all cricket over doping charges? – Andre Russell (West Indies)
  5. Who is the highest wicket taker in Test cricket history? – Muttiah Muralitharan (Sri Lanka)
  6. The term “LBW” is associated with which sport?- Cricket
  7. Who is the first and currently the only batsman to score double hundreds in four consecutive test series?- Virat Kohli
  8. Which country will host Cricket World Cup 2027? – South Africa, Zimbabwe and Namibia
  9. Which is the biggest cricket stadium in the world?– Narendra Modi Stadium (India)
  10. Which country won most World Cup trophies in cricket history?- Australia (5 Times)
  11. Who smashed most sixes in ODI cricket?- Rohit Sharma

Sports GK Questions on Hockey 🏑

  1. What is the nickname of India Women’s National Hockey Team? – Nabhvarna
  2. Which country won the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup in Malaysia recently?- Malaysia
  3. Which is the highest governing body of Hockey in the world? – International Hockey Federation
  4. Total no. of players playing on the pitch in a hockey match is?– 22
  5. The distance between thepenalty spot and the goal is?– 7 Yards
  6. The limit on a number of substitutions per game is?– No Limit
  7. When was All India Women’s Hockey Federation was formed?– 1947
  8. Is hockey the national sport of India?- No, there is no national sport of India
  9. When was India toop part in Olympics for the first time?– 1928
  10. India has won the Hockey World Cup how many times?- 1

GK Questions on Football ⚽

  1. Which of the following country won Football world Cup maximum times? – Brazil
  2. Which football player has been voted as the best playmaker in the world for 2016? – Lionel Messi
  3. Which country became the first nation to win the Football World Cup?– Urugvay
  4. Famous sports personality Pele is related to which game?– Football
  5. National game of Namibia and Spain is ?– Football
  6. Which football club won Europa League title? Manchester United defeating Ajax Amsterdam
  7. Which place is known as Mecca of Indian football? – Kolkata
  8. Football was inducted as a competitive game in Olympics in year?– 1908
  9. Who has been named the world’s best player at the inaugural best FIFA football awards 2016 in Zurich Switzerland? – Cristiano Ronaldo
  10. Who is the captain of Indian football team? – Sunil Chhetri

Sports Quiz Questions on Kabaddi

  1. Which is the highest governing body of Kabaddi?- International Kabaddi Federation
  2. How many team members are there on each side of a Kabaddi match?- 7 Members
  3. Kabaddi was introduced for the first time in the National Games of India, In which year?– 1938
  4. “Ankle Hold” term is related to which sport?– Kabaddi
  5. “Running Hand Touch” term is related to which sport?– Kabaddi
  6. Who is the captain of the Indian kabaddi team?– Pawan Sehrawat

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Common GK Questions on Sports with Answers

  1. Where are the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee located?- Lausanne, Switzerland
  2. Which of the following countries won the maximum number of medals at the first Olympic Games in 1896?– Greece
  3. What does the Olympic motto Citius, Altius, Fortius mean?- Faster, Higher, Stronger
  4. Which was the first team sport played in the modern Olympics?- Water Polo
  5. Mintonette was the original name of which sport? – Volleyball
  6. The UIT govern which sport? – International Shooting Union
  7. FIDA governs which game?– Chess
  8. Carom is a form of which sport/game?- Billiards
  9. Which are the only five countries that have participated in all the Summer Olympic Games?- Australia, France, Great Britain, Greece, Switzerland
  10. When were the first recorded Olympics held? – 776 BC
  11. Who has designed the trophy of FIFA Women’s World Cup?– William Sawaya
  12. When was the first women’s international test cricket match hosted in India?– 1976
  13. When did the Indian National Field Hockey team win its first Olympic Gold?– 1928

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What are the top 10 GK questions of sports?

Who won the FIFA World Cup in 2018?
In which sport is the term “love” used to represent zero?
Who holds the record for the most Olympic gold medals?
Which country won the most medals in the 2016 Summer Olympics?
Who is the fastest man in the world?
What is the national sport of Canada?
Which sport is known as “The Gentleman’s Game”?
What is the diameter of a basketball hoop in inches?
Who is known as the “Queen of the Court” in women’s tennis?
Which country is famous for its dominance in the sport of gymnastics?

What are good sport quiz questions?

What sport is considered the most popular in the world?
Which team won the last World Hockey Championship?
What year is officially recognized as the beginning of the modern Olympic Games?
What material is used for weights in most bicycle races?

What is GK in sport?

Sports GK means Sports General Knowledge. It point out towards knowledge about sports, their history, rules, players, and events.

This was all about the Sports GK Questions. For more such informative blogs, check out our Study Material Section, or you can learn more about us by visiting our  Indian exams page.

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