Can I Crack SNAP in 2 Months? Weekly Preparation & Syllabus

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Can I Crack SNAP in 2 Months

Can I Crack SNAP in 2 Months?: Preparing for SNAP 2024 requires consistent effort to achieve high scores. Even with just 2 months left, it is possible to excel in the exam if you undertake focused and thorough preparation. Therefore, starting your preparation promptly is important to maximize your readiness for the exam. In this blog, we’ll provide you with a weekly preparation plan, break down the syllabus, and offer some helpful tips. Whether you’re starting from scratch or polishing up your skills, this guide will help you stay on track and maximize your study time for the upcoming SNAP exam. Let’s get started to learn more about Can I Crack SNAP in 2 months?

SNAP Exam Highlights 2024

The SNAP exam details in the table given below will help you understand basic details about the exam. Let’s dive into the details of the SNAP 2024 Exam.

Exam Conducting BodySymbiosis International University (SIU) Pune
Number of Times you can Take the SNAP exam 2024Three
Full FormSymbiosis National Aptitude Test
Top MBA colleges under SNAP 202415 Symbiosis Institutes offering MBA programs including SIBM Pune, SCMHRD Pune, SIBM Bengaluru, and SIOM Nashik among others
Sectional Time LimitNo, Attempt any Question from any section
Tentative Exam DatesDecember 10, 2024
December 17, 2024
December 22, 2024
Testing ModeComputer-Based Online Exam at Test Centres
Time Duration1 hour (60 Minutes)
Test Cities90-95
Total Number of Questions60
Exam application processOnline
Scoring Scheme+1 Mark for each Correct answer, 0.25 Mark negative marking for wrong answer
Sections Division of the SNAP Exam+1 Mark for each Correct answer, 0.25 Mark negative marking for the wrong answer
Exam Difficulty LevelModerate as compared to CAT, XAT, SNAP
Exam Application FeeExpected Rs.2250/- (The SNAP registration fee will apply for each SNAP exam separately)

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Can I Crack SNAP in 2 Months?

Preparing for the SNAP in just two months might seem challenging, but with the right plan and resources, it is possible and you can do it without spending any money! Whether you are aiming for a top business school or just want to improve your score, our step-by-step plan will help you get there. Let’s dive in and start your journey to success!

Week 1

  • To effectively prepare, aim to complete one mock test each day, allocating approximately 3 hours daily. 
  • By the end of the week, you’ll have completed 6 to 7 tests. After each test, conduct a thorough analysis to identify your weaknesses and focus areas. 
  • Dedicate time daily to study LR books to familiarize yourself with the types of questions. 
  • Stay updated with current affairs by reading newspapers regularly, which will also improve your reading comprehension skills
  • Review textbooks daily to retain key information. 
  • Create vocabulary cards or use ready-made ones to strengthen your verbal ability and expand your vocabulary. 
  • These steps will help you to enhance your overall preparation effectively.

Week 2

  • Keep practising with mock tests regularly to become more comfortable with the format.
  • Begin focusing on quantitative aptitude (QA) and data interpretation (DI). 
  • Review basic mathematical concepts thoroughly ensuring you revisit everything you learned in school daily. 
  • Maintain a consistent routine of concept building, reading, and using vocabulary cards to strengthen your preparation. 
  • Incorporating these activities into your daily schedule will help you stay on track and improve steadily.

Week 3 – Week 6

  • Continue with Mocks, by now the questions would start making more sense. 
  • It’s time that you should have reached 2 tests per day by week 5. 
  • Increase the time spent on your studies. You now will have started to understand your strengths and can find the questions you can attempt quickly from those question banks.
  • This is an asset during exams as it is the score that matters. Keep polishing your concepts, as much as you can, and continue with reading, vocab, LR, QA and LR concepts.

Week 7 – Week 8

  • Now that you’ve solidified your foundational knowledge, it’s crucial to focus on reinforcement. 
  • Rather than introducing new concepts, dedicate your time to practising and consolidating what you already understand. 
  • Introducing new material at this stage could lead to unnecessary confusion.
  • Take advantage of mock tests to simulate the actual exam environment. This will help you become comfortable with the format and timing.
  • When practising, prioritize the questions you attempt. If a question involves excessive data or length, or if you don’t grasp it within the first 30-40 seconds, consider leaving it for later. 
  • Focus first on the questions you’re confident about, and revisit the challenging ones during your second attempt. 
  • This strategy will optimize your efficiency and improve your overall performance.

You are prepared now. Use these last four days to chill and relax and ensure you are stress-free. A calm and confident mind can achieve amazing things.

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SNAP Exam Syllabus 2024

Are you planning to take the SNAP 2024 exam? Understanding what topics you will be tested on can help you prepare effectively. Here’s a simple breakdown of the SNAP 2024 syllabus to get you started:

Quantitative Aptitude & Data InterpretationAnalytical and Logical ReasoningGeneral English
Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Logarithm, Number System, Mensuration, Linear Equations  & Quadratic Equations, Set Theory, Arithmetic, Progressions, Binomial Theorem, Surds and Indices, Mixtures & Allegations, Coordinate, Geometry, Series, Graphs-Pie Chart, Bar Graphs, TableAlgebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Logarithm, Number System, Mensuration, Linear Equations  & Quadratic Equations, Set Theory, Arithmetic, Progressions, Binomial Theorem, Surds and Indices, Mixtures & Allegations, Coordinate, Geometry, Series, Graphs-Pie Chart, Bar Graphs,TableSentence Completion, Analogies, Active Voice and Passive Voice, Sentence Correction, Synonyms and Antonyms, One Word Substitution, Jumbled Paragraphs, Contextual Usage, Odd One Out, Fill in the Blanks, Idioms and Syllogisms, Vocabulary

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Can SNAP be cleared in 1 month?

The SNAP 2023 exam is relatively easier than other management entrance tests. If you’re already preparing for exams like CAT, XAT, IIFT, or CMAT, you can get ready for SNAP in about a month since its syllabus is quite similar.

How many days/ months are required for SNAP Preparation?

Preparing for the SNAP exam, or any other significant exam, in just one month is quite challenging. Ideally, you should allocate at least three months for effective preparation. However, this timeline assumes that you already have a good understanding of the SNAP syllabus.

Do you think SNAP is a tough exam?

SNAP is generally seen as moderately difficult, while NMAT is often regarded as having a moderate to high difficulty level.

This was all about the Can I Crack SNAP in 2 Months? For more informative blogs, check out our Management Exams Section, or you can learn more about competitive exams by visiting our  Indian exams page of Leverage Edu.

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