Which is The Lowest Population State in India?

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Which is the Lowest Population State in India?

The lowest population state in India is Sikkim. As per the 2011 Census, Sikkim has a population of  607,688. The number is the lowest in India. Sikkim population is 0.05% of the whole of India. Hence, the state has earned the title of the least populated state in India. The same Census declared Uttar Pradesh as the most populous state in the country. At the time of the Census, Uttar Pradesh had a population of 19.06 crores.

Reasons for Low Population Density in Sikkim

Below are the reasons for the low population density in Sikkim.

  • Sikkim is a valley that is situated between mountain ranges 
  • It has unfavourable climatic conditions and is not suitable for cultivation.

Geographical Location

Sikkim is located in the North Eastern part of India. The state shares its border with only West Bengal. Sikkim covers 7,096 sq km area in India. It is a mountainous region and has only one source of water, the Rangeet River.


The climatic condition in Sikkim varies from north to south. The southern region experiences a subtropical climate and the northern region experiences Tundra type climatic conditions. The rest of the state has a temperate climate. During the winter the temperature stays between -5 to 7 degree Celsius. In the summer the average temperature is between 5-25 degree Celsius.

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Facts About Sikkim State

Below are some of the interesting facts about Sikkim, the least populated state in India

  • Sikkim was an independent country that became a part of India in 1975
  • Four main languages are spoken in Sikkim – Hindi, English, Sikkimese, and Nepali
  • It is the cleanest state in India and won the title in 2016.
  • The state has also banned plastic bottles and has become an environmentally friendly state
  • Sikkim has also declared itself as a fully organic state
  • It is home to the UNESCO world heritage site, the Kanchenjunga National Park
  • Sikkim is also home to the Kanchenjunga Peak, the highest mountain peak in India


Which is the Lowest Population State in India?

The lowest-population state in India is Sikkim. According to the official data, the Sikkim state population is near about 6 lakhs. This makes this state less densely populated states.


Which is the Lowest Population State in India?

The lowest population in India is in the state of Sikkim. It is a northeastern state in India that shares its borders with Bhutan, Nepal, and Tibet.

Why Sikkim is very famous?

Sikkim is popular for Kangchenjunga Peak, the third-highest peak on Earth. The state is also well known for its biodiversity.

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