16 Interesting Facts About Light for Kids

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We are surrounded by a lot of things, like rocks, sound, trees, plants, and butterflies. However, it is only because of light that we are able to see their beauty. Although life is an incredible part of our lives, have you ever wondered how much you really know about it? For instance, did you know that sun is the primary source of natural light on our planet? Here are some other interesting facts about light for kids to understand in easy language. 

Amazing Fun Facts About Light

1. Light is a beam of energy. 

2. It is the only type of energy that we can see with our eyes. 

3. It travels in wavelengths. 

4. Light sources can be natural like the sun or artificial like light bulbs. 

5. We can use a prism to split or break white light to reveal different colours like, orange, green, and blue. 

6. We see certain things in one colour because it is the only colour that gets reflected. 

7. Light is measured in wavelengths on the electromagnetic spectrum. 

8. Plants turn light from the sun into food. This process is known as photosynthesis

9. Humans can see a small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum which is called visible light. 

10. Light travels faster than sound. This is why you see lightning before you can actually hear the thunder. 

11. The moon reflects light from the sun, which is how we can see it at night. 

12. The northern lights display an array of coloured lights in the sky over the North Pole. This happens due to the energy from the sun interacting with gases surrounding the Earth

13. The study of light is called optics. 

14. England has a right to light law which states that if someone has had natural light entering their building for more than 20 years, they have the right to stop any construction that could hinder the passage of light. 

15. Refraction is the term used to describe when light waves bend after passing through different materials. 

16. Sunlight takes about 8 minutes 17 seconds to reach Earth from the Sun’s surface. 


What are 5 interesting facts about light?

5 interesting facts about light for kids include that light is a beam of energy, it travels in wavelengths, it can be artificial or natural, it is measured in wavelength on the electromagnetic spectrum, and lastly, light travels faster than sound. 

What is light 3 facts?

Three interesting short facts about light are that red, green, and blue are the primary colours of light, light is a form of energy, and lastly, light travels in wavelengths.

What is a light fact for kids?

An interesting and fun fact about light for kids is that humans can only see a small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, called visible light.

Hope you had fun reading these interesting facts about light. If you like reading about facts, you can visit our interesting facts page to read more such blogs.

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