Why Sky is Blue in Colour?

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Why Sky is Blue in Colour?

The phenomenon of light scattering is the reason behind the blue colour of the sky. Light scattering is an important topic of Physics subject. Due to this scientific activity, we can see different colours. When the size of the scattering object is very small in comparison to the wavelength of light.

What is Scattering of Light?

The scattering of light is defined as the process in which small particles are available in the earth’s atmosphere causing the scatter in the light. In turn, it gives rise to a phenomenon, which is known as the scattering of light. 

Due to this, we see rainbows, blue sky, etc. Keep in mind, this phenomenon is completely different from the reflection and refraction of light.

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Quick Facts

  • In the reflection of light, the light rays return directly at the same angle.
  • In the refraction of light, the light rays deviate from the normal path after crossing from a medium.
  • In the scattering of light, rays get scattered in different directions after passing through small particles.

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Science Behind Blue Sky

When sunlight enters the Earth’s atmosphere, it passes through small particles available there. It gets scattered in different directions and those small particles help to scatter blue light. The wavelength of the blue colour is more than any other colour. Due to this, blue colour scatter all around and we as a human see a bluish sky.


Why Sky is Blue in Colour?

The colour of the sky seems to be blue due to the scattering of light phenomenon. The wavelength of the blue colour is more that’s why it gets scattered easily.


What is the scattering of light?

When the light rays get deviated in different directions due to small particles in the atmosphere. It is called the scattering of light.

Why sky appears blue in colour?

When the sunlight gets scattered in the atmosphere due to small particles of the earth’s atmosphere. As, blue light scatter more than any other colour, the sky appears Blue.

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