How many Articles are in the Indian Constitution?

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How many Articles are in the Indian Constitution

There are 488 Articles in total in the Indian Constitution. Each Article is purposefully written and includes in detail all matters related to India. However, when the Constitution was adopted there were initially 295 Articles. Moreover, after 105 Amendments, down the years, 488 Articles became the total to date. The lengths of each Article vary and can have multiple clauses within it. Furthermore, there are some Important Articles in the Indian Constitution which are noteworthy. 

Interesting Articles in the Indian Constitution

Additionally, the Articles deal with the legislature, executive, judiciary as well as so much more. Here are a few interesting Articles in the Indian Constitution:

  • Article 368- The Amendment Process: The Article mentions the procedure for amending the Constitution. Interestingly, while the Constitution is flexible and amendable, certain parts are considered Basic Structures and cannot be altered. Moreover, the Supreme Court of India has the authority to review and uphold this Basic Structure Doctrine. Thus guaranteeing that the core principles of the Constitution remain the same.
  • Article 352 to Article 360- Emergency Provisions: The Constitution has provisions for 3 types of Emergencies which are the National Emergency, the State Emergency (President’s Rule), and Financial Emergency. The imposition of Emergency Provisions suspends some of the Fundamental Rights of citizens. Hence, signifying the balance between individual freedoms and the needs of the State.
  • Articles 343 to Article 351- Language Provisions: These Articles mention the official languages of India. 
  • Article 51A- Fundamental Duties: While the Indian Constitution guarantees several Fundamental Rights to its citizens, it also highlights the Fundamental Duties. Moreover, these were added by the 42nd Amendment Act of 1976 on the recommendations of the Swaran Singh Committee. Article 51A mentions the duties of citizens towards the nation, such as promoting harmony and the spirit of common brotherhood. Thus, striving towards excellence in all spheres of personal and collective activity.

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