Revealing Chandrayaan 3 Budget- India’s Third Jaw-Dropping Lunar Triumph

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Revealing Chandrayaan 3 Budget

Revealing Chandrayaan 3 Budget: Where students around the world were daydreaming about reaching the Moon, India launched its third lunar mission named Chandrayaan 3. This one-of-a-kind cosmic endeavour has sparked discussions around the world about its timely updates and probability of success. Among its impressive features, specifications, and aim, Chandrayaan 3 budget is another essential thing to ponder upon. 

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About Chandrayaan 3 Budget

India along with the entire world is keeping its fingers crossed to see the successful touchdown of the Chandrayaan 3 lunar mission. Behind all its glory, one thing that differentiates it from other similar missions is the impressive budget. In simple words, it is lower than many popular Hollywood movies including Interstellar. Shocking, right? 

Chandrayaan 3 budget is around $75 million which is a lot less than many other similar scientific pursuits. For instance, the budget for Lunda 25 is Rs. 160 Million. This has made globally popular personalities like Elon Musk applaud India and its continuous scientific endeavours. 


What is the budget of Chandrayaan 1?

The budget of Chandrayaan 1 is somewhat around Rs 380- Rs 390 Crore. 

What is the budget of Luna 25?

Russia’s Luna 25 has a budget of a whopping Rs. 160 Million.

What are the benefits of Chandrayaan-3?

The lunar exploration mission called Chandrayaan 3 is aimed to achieve numerous exploratory benefits. For instance, it will help to discover oxygen, water, and fuel upon landing for future moon missions. Moreover, the Rover and the Lander will eventually start exploring the environment out there and perform scientific experiments.

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