What is EMF Full Form?

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EMF full form

The EMF full form is Electromotive Force. An electrochemical cell or a change in the magnetic field produces an electric potential defined as Electromotive Force. We generally use a generator or a battery to convert energy from one form to another. There is one positively charged terminal and a negatively charged terminal inc such electrical devices. Electromotive force is also defined as work done on a unit of electric charge. It is commonly used in electromagnetic flowmeters which is an application of Faraday’s Law. 

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What are the Formula and Unit of EMF?

The formula for the Electromotive Force is as follows:

E = V + Ir

In the formula, 

  • V is the voltage of the cell 
  • I is the current present throughout the circuit
  • r is the internal resistance of the cell
  • And E is the Electromotive force

Numerically, EMF is described as the number of Joules of energy supplied through the source upon each Coulomb to enable a unit electric charge to move across the circuit.

Volts = joules/coulombs

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What are the Characteristics of EMF?

The following are the characteristics of EMF:

  • EMF is defined as the work done on a unit charge
  • Electromotive force is independent of circuit resistance
  • It remains constant 
  • Electric, magnetic and the gravitational field are caused due to EMF
  • E is used to represent the electromotive force 

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