What is the Full Form of ABP?

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ABP full form

The full form of ABP is ‘Ananda Bazar Patrika.’ People who have their parents switch on the news channel throughout the day would already know that it is a news channel. The ABP Group owns the free-to-air television news station ABP News, which is available in Hindi. It was eventually purchased by the Bengali media organization ABP after being first introduced as Star News in 1998. In the 21st Indian Television Academy Awards, it took home the Best Hindi News Channel trophy in 2022. Arup Sarkar, brother to Arup Kumar Sarkar, previously led the group’s Bengali magazines and currently holds directorships across ABP’s companies. Scroll through to know the history of ABP and other relevant full forms of ABP. 

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History of ABP

ABP News started as a joint venture with Star TV, then transitioned to full Hindi broadcasting and eventually became an independent channel under the ownership of ABP Group.

  • 1998: Launched as Star News, a collaboration between Star TV and NDTV, offering Hindi and English news.
  • 2003: NDTV exits and Star News becomes a purely Hindi channel.
  • 2004: Star partners with Ananda Bazaar Patrika (ABP Group) to form a new company. ABP takes a majority stake (70%).
  • 2012: The partnership dissolves, and Star News rebrands as ABP News under the control of ABP Group.

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Other Full Forms of ABP

  • ABP in Banking– Automatic Bill Payment 
  • ABP in Computer- Alternating Bit Protocol 
  • ABP in Finance- Activity-Based Planning
  • ABP in Housing- All Bills Paid
  • ABP in Sales- Account-Based Prospecting

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What is the full form of ABP Majha?

It is one of the TV news channels which runs in Maharastra, it is one of the segments of ABP news. 

Which bank is ABP?

In the world of Banking ABP is a short form of Nordea Bank Abp which is situated in Finland.

What is APB in banking?

The full form of APB in Banking is the Aadhaar Payment Bridge (APB). 

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