What is the Full Form of SRM?

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The full form of SRM is Supplier Relationship Management. It is a practice that companies undertake to keep their relationship confidential with suppliers. A well-designed SRM portal helps firms take the right stand on which group of suppliers they need to target. 

SRM in Business

Supplier Relations Management (SRM) is a systematic approach to keep a check on all the vendors that have anything to do with the firms. For instance, supplying goods, materials, and services. 

An SRM can benefit in many ways. 

  • Cost optimization
  • Risk mitigation
  • Top-line growth from supplier innovation
  • Operational process improvements 
  • Preferential treatment from suppliers 

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SRM in College

SRM is also an abbreviation for Sri Ramaswamy Memorial Institute of Science and Technology, Kattankulathur, Tamil Nadu. It was established in 198, and at the time of initiation, it opened 7 campuses. 

The states where these colleges are situated are the following

  1. Amaravati (1)
  2. Sikkim (1)
  3. Sonipat (1)
  4. Delhi (1)
  5. Tamil Nadu (3)

The courses it offers are

  1. MBBS
  2. Engineering
  3. BDS
  4. BBA
  5. Hotel Management
  6. BCA
  7. MCA
  8. M Tech
  9. Law
  10. B Sc
  11. BA

It is important to note that their most significant university college campus is Kattankulathur Chennai campus. The reasons behind it are the faculty, infrastructure, and laboratories. 

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