Is Life Possible on the Moon?

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life on moon

For centuries now, humans have wondered if life anywhere except Earth is possible or not. With theories of multiverses, black holes, and water on Earth being extraterrestrial we have got enough hints that some or the other kind of life can be found outside Earth. 

Nevertheless, no one has ever discovered any traces of lifeforms outside Earth as yet. Our biggest quest over decades has also been to discover if life on moon is an option for us. Being so close to Earth, the moon is the most familiar and most beloved celestial body for Earth dwellers. 

As the possibility of life on Earth is threatened through drastic climatic change and exploitation of resources scientists are eager to study the prospects of life on the moon and if we can ever settle a colony there. 

life on moon

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The Possibility of Life on Moon 

The actual idea of discovering any life on the moon is certainly far from how it has been romanticised with fairies and beauty all around. The moon is certainly beautiful but in its own way. It is mostly a dark and damp place lacking atmosphere and with gigantic craters. Its surface is mostly arid and sometimes makes it difficult to imagine life from the perspective of how it is on Earth. 

Scientists speculate that there might be a slight possibility of microbial life existing on the moon. This may be true as microorganisms are tested to thrive under extreme environments and they have sustained extreme conditions on Earth only to survive and evolve over millennia.  

ISRO’s latest success the Chandrayaan 3 is experimenting with lunar soil, temperature and other physical conditions, and the moon’s chemical and physical composition. These studies will help us understand better if life can exist on the moon. 

With so many ‘ifs’ in conversation the mission might sound far and fruitless but if that was so why would NASA plan its next space mission to find life on the moon? NASA will also gather data from Chandrayaan 3 and assistance from space organisations across the globe including ISRO to launch its mission called the Artemis 3. 

life on moon

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